8 Functions of UPS Power Supply

8 Functions of UPS Power Supply

An uninterruptible power supply is a constant voltage and constant frequency uninterruptible power supply that contains an energy storage device and uses an inverter as the main component. Its main function is to provide uninterrupted power supply for a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment. When the mains input is normal, the UPS uninterruptible power supply stabilizes the mains and provides the load for use. At this time, the UPS power supply is equivalent to an AC mains voltage stabilizer, and it also charges the battery inside the machine; When the power is interrupted, the UPS will immediately convert the power of the battery inside the machine to continue to supply 220V AC power to the load through the method of inverter conversion, so as to maintain the normal operation of the load and protect the software and hardware of the load from damage.

In addition to uninterruptible power supply, uninterruptible power supply actually has 8 major functions, do you know?

1. The power failure protection function of ups power supply

When the mains power grid momentarily fails, the UPS power system immediately converts the DC power of the UPS battery into alternating current to continue supplying power to the load, avoiding the inconvenience and loss caused by the power outage.

2. The voltage stabilization function of ups power supply

The mains voltage is easily affected by the distance and quality of the power transmission line. The voltage of users closer to the substation is higher, and the voltage of users farther away from the substation is lower.

If the voltage is too high or too low, it will affect the quality and service life of the user’s equipment, and if it is serious, it will damage the equipment and cause heavy losses to the user. The use of UPS power system can provide stable voltage power supply for user equipment, guarantee the normal operation of the equipment and prolong the service life.

3. The surge protection function of ups power supply

Usually, the UPS power supply system has a cutting-edge discharge design to absorb the surge, so as to avoid affecting the service efficiency and life of the equipment due to the surge problem, and provide protection for the equipment.

solar storage system
solar storage system

4. High and low voltage protection function of ups power supply

When the mains voltage is high and sometimes low, the voltage regulator (AVR) in the UP power supply keeps the mains voltage in a usable safe range to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. When the high and low voltage exceeds the usable range, the UPS power system will start the battery to supply power to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.

5. Harmonic distortion protection function of ups power supply

When the power is transmitted to the end of use through the transmission and distribution lines, the voltage waveform is distorted, and the fundamental current changes to generate harmonics. Harmonics will affect the use of equipment, and the UPS power supply can provide stable and high-quality power for the equipment, effectively improving the operating efficiency and life of the equipment.

6. The stable frequency effect of ups power supply

The frequency is the cycle of the mains power change every second, and 50Hz is 50 cycles per second. When the mains generator is running, it is subject to sudden changes in the power consumption at the user end, which will cause the frequency of the converted power to be unstable. The power converted by the UPS power supply can provide a stable frequency to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

7. Instantaneous protection of ups power supply

Sometimes voltage surges and sags or instantaneous voltage drops occur in the mains power supply. Such problems will affect the accuracy of the equipment, and in severe cases, it will damage the precision equipment and cause losses to users. A UPS system can provide a stable voltage to protect equipment.

8. The function of suppressing transverse mode and common mode noise of ups power supply

Transverse mode noise is generated between live and neutral wires; common mode noise is generated between live, neutral and ground wires. Invisible power problems are hard to prevent, endangering instruments and equipment all the time, causing losses to users. The UPS power supply escorts the instruments and data, ensures the normal operation of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

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