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EV Charging Stack

EVMS EV Charging Stack (EV Power Unit + EV Charger Posts)

EVDS series(240 KW)

EVMS EV Charging Stack (Power Unit + EV Charger Post)

EVMS EV charger post or EV charging stack is a split-type charging system meeting multiple standards CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T. Adopting modular design concept and forefront power electronic technology, consists of power stack, control units and charge posts. As a professional EV charging stations company in China, we provide both indoor and outdoor types of EV charging stations.

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Flexible design

Flexible multi-protocol designed: CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T. 240KW outdoor type EV charge posts: 2, 4, 8 outlets, each output 0 ~ 60KW or 0 ~ 120KW; 360KW indoor type stack: 2 ~ 12 outlets, 30 ~ 180KW flexible output.

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Humanization design

12.1 inch LCD/LED screen to display information in real time, easy operation and humanized user interface; As an experienced ev charger wholesale supplier, we offer reasonable electric car charging unit cost and various online payment methods;

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Perfect function

High adaptability of temperature range, isolated heat dissipation air ducts; High efficiency, high reliability, ultra low radiation, fast maintenance, flexible capacity expansion, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

EV charging stack types

power unit of EV charging stack

EVMS-240 (power unit)

Use environment: outdoor
System capacity: 240KW
Maximum outlets: 8

charge post of ev charging stack

EVMS-240 (EV charge posts)

Protection degree: IP55
Dimension: 320*280*1740
Output capacity: 15~60KW or 0~120kw

EV Charger Post Specifications

Use environmentOutdoor
System capacity240KW
Maximum outlets8
Output capacity of each route15~60KW or 0~120kw
Input voltage400VAC±20%
Input voltage range260V~530V (260V~304VAC, output power derating 50%)
Power factor>0.99
Working frequency50/60HZ
Output voltage200VDC-500VDC/ 300VDC-750VDC/150VDC-1000VDC
Overall efficiency95%
BMS auxiliary power supply12V/10A
Communication interfaceEthernet, CAN/RS485, 3G/4G
Acoustic noise(dB)≤60dB
Protection degreeIP55
Dimension1300*750*1950(power stack)/320*280*1740(charge post)
DC Fast Satellite EV Charger in Gas Oil Station Application

This Bulgaria customer is an AC charger operator for many years, As the government requested, add EV fast charger to the traditional Gas/Oil station. SCU provided 240kw satellite EV charger to them.

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Europe Audi Showroom Embraces SCU EV Charger Solution

This Audi showroom in Europe has high-power charging and smart charging needs. SCU provides two 360kw EV charger stacks, each with 8 units of EV charge posts DC EV charger solutions. SCU has developed Modbus communication functions, allowing customers to use their developed platform to control the power of EV chargers in real time.

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SCU EV Charger installed at the Beijing Daxing Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport covers an area of 1.4 million square meters, is with charging supporting facilities and renewable energy. SCU won the bid for the second phase of the EV charger project in the flight area of Daxing Airport and installed 70 units EV charger power stack and 160pcs charge post.

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DHL Logistics Vehicles achieves Zero Emission by SCU EV Charging Solution – EV Charging Stack + Charger Post

DHL has set a mission to achieve zero emissions by 2050. As a benchmark company in the global logistics industry, DHL has more stringent standards when selecting partners. In China, DHL chose to cooperate with Sicon Chat Union(SCU) to establish New Energy Logistics Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Zhejiang.

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