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R&D and Innovation

High quality future life needs the support of hard core technology. We constantly break through ourselves to maximize the value of scientific and technological innovation in practical application.

R & D concept

When the converter only undertakes the function of AC / DC conversion, SCU begins to explore more possibilities. In response to various harsh grid conditions, effective use of new energy, reduce system investment, and replace ups and generator, based on these requirements, SCU launched modular multi function battery energy storage system and quickly occupied the market.

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Focused attitude

"Focus on Technology Foresight" is the backbone of SCU. We have been focusing on energy, power electronics and control technology, putting our eyes, funds and talents into R & D and innovation, realizing the landing of products in the continuous technological breakthroughs, and maintaining the competitiveness of enterprises relying on the persistent innovation spirit.

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Product differentiation

At present, UPS, EV charger, BESS, lithium ion battery system standardized products have been formed. In the continuous improvement of product performance, we are more concerned about the advanced and differentiated products, and achieve the differentiated value of products with advanced innovative ideas.

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Demand oriented

The original intention of R & D is to meet the needs of users. Relying on abundant standardized products and technology platforms, we develop flexible and efficient solutions for differentiated needs, and provide customers with more than expected customer experience.

research and development (R&D)

scu research and development (R&D)

R & D process

Each step is strictly in accordance with the R & D process standards, constantly explore, verify, improve, level by layer quality control, and carry out differentiated innovation based on the principle of standardized platform, and continuously improve the product performance.

Component selection

Adhering to the original intention of material science, the selection of each key component is subject to multiple strict audits to ensure the unity of high quality from parts to products.

Product testing

SCU R & D center has many key performance verification conditions, such as performance verification, function verification, environment verification and EMC verification, to ensure the safety and reliability of each product.

Statement: the minimum standard we follow is to meet the international and domestic industry standards. SCU is responsible for every product.

R & D resources

scu R&D team

R&D team

The core R & D team accounts for 19.45% of the total number of employees. It is composed of senior engineers, doctors and graduate students. Some of them have been engaged in power electronics technology for nearly 30 years, with more than 100 technical patents;

scu Industry contribution

Industry contribution

Based on independent research and development, SCU products fill in the gaps in many fields of the industry, and participate in and draft the relevant product industry standards.

scu R&D support agencies

R&D support agencies

Executive director of China power supply society | Council member of China electric vehicle charging technology and Industry Alliance | member of China Communication Standardization Association | enterprise technology center of Hebei Province | graduate training base of Yanshan University and Hebei University of science and technology.

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