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"We have been actively expanding ourselves, achieving cooperation and seeking a broader and higher vision. To create a positive, healthy and fraternal attitude to create all the first control; to focus on, professional attitude to promote the progress of the industry; to self-cultivation, safety of people's sense of mission to achieve the social value of the enterprise!"

scu Jisheng Chen
Jisheng Chen General manager

Standing director China Power Supply Society
Deputy director of information system power supply Committee of China Power Supply Society
Graduate supervisor of Electronic Engineering in Yanshan University

Since 1991, he has been engaged in power electronic technology. As the main inventor, he has more than 60 patents, with a strong sense of innovation and profound insight in power electronic industry.

scu Yafeng Liu
Yafeng Liu Vice General Manager

Director of China electric vehicle charging technology and Industry Alliance
Standing director China Power Supply Society

He began to work in power electronics technology in 1989, and has more than ten technical patents, such as "three-level output boost rectifier circuit", "voltage balance circuit and boost adjustment circuit", and participated in the drafting of modular UPS industry standard.

scu Wei Su
Wei Su Vice General Manager

Member of China Communications Standardization Association
Standing director China Power Supply Society

He graduated from Taiyuan University of Technology in 1983, and Los Angeles City University in 2004. Since 1983, he has successively held important leading positions in many well-known companies in the industry. He is now a director of the second board of directors of SCU. He has keen market insight and rich management experience in the field of computer room business.


Create prospect for employee; Create value for customer; Create fortune for society; Create profit for enterprise;

Core value

Customer oriented; Respect individuals; Honest and Trusted; Persevere and dedicated;

Social responsibility

For decades, SCU has been committed to the R & D, production, sales and service of power electronic products. It takes improving people's life and environment as its corporate mission. At the same time, it serves the society with a strong sense of social responsibility and mission, and actively participates in the development of social public welfare undertakings such as education, relief and poverty alleviation.

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