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Modular UPS Solution

Especially designed for Data Center. Full Range Modular UPS Protect your Data Center Business!

Why Modular UPS?

The role of a uninterruptible power system (UPS) is to provide clear and safe power to the mission critical load, and allow continued operation of the load during mains power failures.
Compared with traditional standalone UPS, A modular UPS is constructed from components that allow for quick and simple increase in the system’s output, including hot swap UPS modules, monitoring module, static bypass module and system rack.
Standardized, scalable, redundant, modular design architecture of modular UPS result improved efficiency, lower cost of ownership and better customer service through high availability.

Modular UPS advantage


Hot swap modules, standardization, modular, N+X redundancy


Scalable power modules, online expansion, power scale and runtime scale


Online add or remove module, online maintenance, MTTR=5 mines, tool less module replacement

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Up to 96% efficiency, pay as grow, cost effective

Support Lithium ion battery

Support lithium ion battery access, smart Battery Management function.

Generator Compatible

Support generator access. It can stabilize unstable voltages from the generator while providing reliable power.

How is modular UPS performing in the data center?

Modular UPS includes not only the traditional UPS rectifier, filter, charging, inverter devices, but also with intelligent power protection. The combination of digital technology and new semiconductor technology can completely eliminate the impact of various power grid problems on critical loads, greatly improve the availability and reliability of equipment, and reduce the cost of investment, operation and maintenance.

Our Modular UPS

UPS supplier

CMS modular UPS

SCU offer the most flexiable and competitive modular UPS solution, with power modules 15kW, 30kW, 50kW and 75kW, and UPS systems 60kW~900kW, then 4unites parallel upto 3.6MW, and available with Lithium ion Batteries Solutions

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36kva rack mount UPS

ERMS embedded modular UPS

A UPS product suitable for small and medium power. It can be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet or used alone. This product is a high-density, low-cost, low-power modular UPS with a very high cost performance.

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Power Conversion System PCS

DSM Industrial UPS

Specially designed for industrial application with high performance, high efficiency and high protection level, providing uninterrupted high-quality power supply for modern industrial manufacturing.

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Modular UPS VS Standalone UPS


(1)Modular UPS: Flexible redundancy. Vertical redundancy N+1, N+X; horizontal redundancy 2N, 2[N+1]. Small footprint, high power density; (2)Standalone UPS: Not modular architecture; Redundancy achieved only by installing parallel systems; Footprint up to twice as big.


(1)Modular UPS: Pay for the power you need; Control upfront costs; Less cost to deploy N+1/N+N redundancy; (2)Standalone UPS: High initial investment cost; Much time and person lead to high maintenance cost.


(1)Modular UPS: Quick removal/replacement of modules; Loads are always protected due to hot swappable modules; Easy maintenance saves time and money; (2)Standalone UPS: Complex service parts and procedures; Load unprotected during service; Service can take hours.

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