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UPS for Industrial Use

Specially designed for industrial application with high performance, high efficiency and high protection level, providing uninterrupted high-quality power supply for modern industrial manufacturing. Different UPS for industry,contact us for more info of industrial ups system price.

DSM series (80-640KVA)

DSM Industrial UPS Products, a robust UPS for industrial applications

In modern industry, the electrical environment is more complex, and the common problems such as voltage sag, surge and load fluctuation lead to abnormal operation of Electromechanical, transmission and electronic equipment. DSM series industrial uninterruptible power supply has super power grid adaptability and load capacity, higher protection level and multiple operation modes. DSM UPS for industrial use is more robust and durable, and can fully guarantee the power quality of key loads.

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Stable performance

Three phase no neutral design, to solve zero ground voltage;
Standardized and modular design, supporting 4units UPS in parallel;
Super load capacity, output power factor 0.9;
Support lithium ion battery access.

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Powerful functions

Voltage conditioning features adaptable to varied input and output voltage requirements;
Compatibility for diverse industrial environments and applications;
Flexibility in configuration and installation specific to various UPS systems in industrial applications.

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High adaptability

Cold and hot air ducts operate in isolation,
Protection level IP40, to reduce the influence of environmental factors;
Configure output isolation transformer to realize electrical isolation.

Different Types of UPS Systems


SCU industrial UPS


Max. capacity: 80kVA/160kVA/240kVA
Size: 600*1000*2000 W*D*H(mm)
Protection degree: IP40

Power Conversion System PCS


Max. capacity: 320kVA/400kVA
Size: 1200*1000*2000 W*D*H(mm)
Protection degree: IP40

Energy Storage Converter


Max. capacity: 480kVA/560kVA/640kVA
Size: 1600*1000*2000 W*D*H(mm)
Protection degree: IP40

Specifications of Industrial UPS

Model / CapacityDSM80D(80kVA);DSM160D(160kVA);DSM240D(240kVA); DSM320D(320kVA);
DSM400D(400kVA); DSM480D(480kVA); DSM560D(560kVA); DSM640D(640kVA)
AC inputInput mode3Ph+N+PE
Rated input voltage380V/400V/415V480V220V/208V
Input frequency50Hz±10%、60Hz±10%
Input PF≥0.99
DC inputRated input voltage384V DC
AC outputOutput PF0.9
Output voltage380V/220V AC 400V/230V AC 415V/240V AC  480V AC220V/128V AC 208V/120V AC
Overload capacityOperate 10mins with 150% load
AC/AC efficiency≥96%
RemarkUPS adapts to 208 / 120V and 220 / 128v mode, and its output power is reduced by half;
SCU industrial UPS with SMIC project

SMIC is one of the world’s leading integrated circuit chip foundry companies. The company focus on strengthening its production and operation capabilities. The increasing number of electronic equipment is increasingly demanding the power grid. Sicon industrial UPS has super load capacity, higher protection level and multiple operation modes, and is more sturdy and durable. It is favored and recognized by SMIC. Since 2012, the two parties have established long-term cooperation.

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SCU UPS, Leading the future with CanSemi Chip

Guangzhou CanSemi Technology Inc, as the only 12-inch chip production platform that has entered mass production in Guangdong Province and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, plays an important role in the development of Chinese chips. Open bidding for the construction of UPS power supply project in the new factory area of CanSemi Company, Sicon won the bid with its professional and dedicated technology and service.

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