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Lithium Ion Battery UPS Solution

An energy revolution in the uninterrupted power supply industry.

Why Lithium-Ion UPS Batteries are a Better Battery Backup Solution?

Nowadays, more and more Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) are available with Lithium ion Batteries Solutions. The latest lithium ion batteries features longer lifespan, smaller size and weight, faster recharge times and decreased cost. The lithium ion battery ups delivers a high level of safety and continuous power in the most demanding environments and is praised as a best ups for workstation.

Lithium ion UPS systems advantage

Longer Life Span

VRLA battery 300-500times, Lithium ion battery more than 4000times. Long life batteries reduce the burden and cost of down time and maintenance.

70% less Footprint

A smaller 70% footprint. This offers the installation flexibility needed by many IT departments.

70% lighter

Lithium ion battery is 70% lighter than VRLA battery,which provides flexibility to install on any floor while minimizing structural modification requirements.

High energy density

Lead acid battery 30-50wh/kg, lithium ion battery 100-150wh/kg, which is more power in the same or smaller footprint.

3-10X faster charge/discharge

Lithium battery 3-10x charge and discharge cycle, to achieve faster charge and discharge, adapt to a variety of application scenarios.

50% lower cost

Total cost of ownership (TCO). Extended UPS with li ion battery life reduces battery replacement and maintenance costs.

SCU reliable and safety Lithium ion battery for UPS

Why Choose a UPS Lithium Battery?

When you choose a battery backup, you may consider some factors such as cost, lifespan, footprint, and especially safety.
SCU lithium ion batteries for UPS systems select UPS systems feature a state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) internal battery with longer life, more cycles, and faster recharge rates. This battery offers up to three to ten times more charge/discharge cycles, making the lithium-ion UPS system an ideal battery backup solution in case of a power outage.

Our Offer of UPS Li Ion Battery

UPS manufacturer

Lithium UPS

As the cost of lithium-ion battery reduced, the lithium UPS solution has a greater competitive advantage and is suitable for all kidnds of data centers and ups systems for servers.

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lithium battery

High Power Lithium Battery System

Super high power density can realize high rate, fast and stable charge and discharge, which stands out in the selection of backup power supply.

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100ah lithium battery pack

Rack mount lithium battery pack

The standardized module can be easily installed in a 19 inch cabinet and used with corresponding UPS or DC power supply, which widens the application range of ups.

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Lithium ion UPS batteries versus VRLA

The cost when use with UPS

The effective life of lithium-ion battery is twice as long as that of lead-acid battery;

Lithium ion battery TCO is lower 10%-50% than VRLA.

Size and weight

The footprint of Lithium ion battery is less 50%-80%.

The weight of lithium ion battery is 60%-80% lighter.

Charging time

It takes approximately the same time to reach 80% state of charge.

It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for lithium battery and 5-10 hours for lead-acid battery to reach 100% state of charge.

FAQ of Lithium UPS Solution

15-year Power Protection for Guangzhou Metro by SCU UPS

Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS) is the most widely used power energy product in the rail transit industry. With forward-looking innovative technology, SCU UPS has been applied to metro projects in multiple provinces and cities including Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin etc.. In 2006, SCU UPS was initially installed in Guangzhou Metro Line 5, and until 2020, successively more than 200 sets of UPS and power distribution equipment have been installed in Guangzhou Metro, 15 years of stable operation with zero error.

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