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Founded in 2003, SCU has a lifetime experience in research, development and production of electrical and power electronic solutions for the global industry.

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China · HeBei · ShiJiaZhuang

Core advantages

Strong technical R & D strength; diversified product line; wide customer base; Considerable industry development space; Professional management team; A comprehensive set of production capacity;

Main business

Focus on energy, power electronics and control technology,SCU have three standard product line: Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), EV charger and Battery Energy Storage System, to provide global customers with complete solutions.

SCU Overview

SCU Global Business and Partners

We adhere to the concept of sustainable development on a global scale. Products cover more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

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SCU History


With R & D, production and manufacturing equipment as the core, we will continue to maintain the core competitiveness of product function, performance and cost, change from single equipment manufacturer to system integrator, from single equipment sales to equipment operation, and create more social value together with partners!


The core “power module” of the uninterruptible power supply has been upgraded from 50kva to 75kva; The battery energy storage bi-directional converter, is introduced to the market, and the lithium iron battery system with high reliability and long life is put on the market;


Set up a subsidiary company of new energy charging operation in Shanghai, to realize the construction and operation of the super-large charging station using light, storage and charging technology.


Win the bid for a series of key projects, such as Beijing public security system bright project data center, Beidou navigation ground control center, Beijing Huitian Network Center, Guizhou large aperture radio telescope project, etc;


New Three Board listing (Stock Code: 833426). The new production base was completed and put into operation. The energy storage UPS was invented at the same time, which laid a technical foundation for a series of energy storage products.


New Energy Electric Vehicle charging station products successfully launched to the market, achieve strategic cooperation with China big EV charger operator such as Potevio,TGOOD, Wanma, Yilong etc..


Set up an international investment company in Hong Kong, a joint venture in the Netherlands and a sales service subsidiary in Beijing;


Runze international information port, selects SCU modular UPS. We also provide stable and reliable power supply services for Baidu, Tencent and other cloud platforms;


Successfully provided power supply for Beijing Olympic Games, the capital T3 terminal, the water cube, the Olympic Sports Center.


Lead into strategic investor Chat Union Group, and renamed as Hebei Sicon Chat Union power equipment Co., Ltd.


Launched 200KVA UPS System, with better performance and higher power density;


Establish SCU company, launch modular UPS;

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