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CCS CHAdeMO EV Charger

Fast EV Charging station to charge all current and next generation vehicles with ccs fast charger, CHAdeMO and AC Type 2.

EVMS series(30KW-150KW)

EV DC Fast Charger

The EVMS-60 is a CCS EV charging station able to charge all current and next generation vehicles with 50/60kW CCS, CHAdeMO and AC Type 2. EVMS-150, a CCS rapid charger for E-Bus and Luxury EVs. CCS 150 kw EV charger is a DC rapid charger to charge any CCS Compatible Bus or Vehicles with 150kW.

Application: highway rest stops, petrol stations, EV dealers, busy urban areas, etc. Compatible car brands: BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia, Renault, Daimler, Tesla, Smart, Mercedes

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High efficiency and energy saving

Modular structure, with higher reliability and flexibility;

Effiency ≥ 95%, low energy consumption;

Noise is low and has little impact on the surrounding environment;

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Flexible configuration

Flexible multi-protocol design of ev charging pile: CCS 2, CHAdeMO GB/T and AC TYPY 2;

Support two gun charge at the same time or in turn;

Support customization to meet the diverse needs of different customers;

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Intelligent interaction

CCS ev charger supports multi language operation;

Daylight readable touch screen display;

Support OCPP1.6J

EV DC Fast Charger types

50kw ev charger


Configuration: two DC guns charge at the same time or in turn
Capacity: 60KW
Constant power range: 400-1000VDC
Max. charge current: 150A
Size: 900*525*2000(W*D*H)mm (two guns) / 1000*525*2000(W*D*H)mm (three guns)

150kw EV charger China


Configuration: two DC guns charge at the same time or in turn
Capacity: 150KW
Constant power range: 400-1000VDC
Max. charge current: 375A
Size: 900*525*2000(W*D*H)mm (two guns) / 1000*525*2000(W*D*H)mm (three guns)

wall-mounted ev charger


Configuration: CCS
Capacity: 30KW
Installation: Wall-mounted
Constant power range: 300-500VDC&600-1000VDC
Max. charge current: 100A

Specifications of EV Charging Stations

Model/Capacity EVMS-60; 60kW
AC input Rated voltage 400VAC
Frequency 50/60HZ
PF >0.99
DC output Voltage range 150-1000VDC
AC output Rated voltage /
Nominal power /
Others Efficiency 95%
Operation temperature -35ºC-60ºC(-20ºC~-35ºC,need heating)
Relative humidity
Protection degree IP54,IK10
Noise <55dB
Compliance and safety CE, EN61851, EN62196, DIN70121, ISO15118
OCPP 1.6_EV charger
TUV IEC61851_EV charger
An Off-grid Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solution with Clean Energy Power Supply to German Customers

Our German customer wants to install a DC fast EV charger in his factory, but there is no grid power supply. For this reason, we provide the customer with an off-grid EV charging station solution, that is, using a mobility energy storage system to power the charging piles. The energy storage system stores electrical energy in the photovoltaic power station and then goes to the charging station to release the stored energy to the charging pile to provide power for electric vehicles. This innovative move enables charging piles to be powered independently, no longer dependent on the power grid while ensuring the continuity of charging services.

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DC Fast Satellite EV Charger in Gas Oil Station Application

This Bulgaria customer is an AC charger operator for many years, As the government requested, add EV fast charger to the traditional Gas/Oil station. SCU provided 240kw satellite EV charger to them.

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SCU Powers Denmark’s Bus Company with Green Charging Solutions for Low-carbon Emissions

A bus company in Denmark is partnering with SCU to power its newly purchased electric buses. Depending on the specific situation, SCU will provide it with 20 dual CCS2 DC EV chargers to provide it with green power and ensure the daily operation of the bus.

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SCU EV Charger installed at the Beijing Daxing Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport covers an area of 1.4 million square meters, is with charging supporting facilities and renewable energy. SCU won the bid for the second phase of the EV charger project in the flight area of Daxing Airport and installed 70 units EV charger power stack and 160pcs charge post.

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SCU&China Potevio join hands for Public EV fast-charging Station in China

As the core EV charger supplier of China Potevio, Sicon Chat Union(SCU) has successively provided large quantities of DC fast chargers in full power ranges. For many years, both parties keeps maintaining close cooperation relationship, making full use of their respective product and R&D advantages, join together to achieve a win-win situation.

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Europe Audi Showroom Embraces SCU EV Charger Solution

This Audi showroom in Europe has high-power charging and smart charging needs. SCU provides two 360kw EV charger stacks, each with 8 units of EV charge posts DC EV charger solutions. SCU has developed Modbus communication functions, allowing customers to use their developed platform to control the power of EV chargers in real time.

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SCU High Power Charging System Installed at Bus Station

SCU high power fast chargers are ideal for guests staying from 10 minutes to one hour. After a quick stop and charge, ev-drivers can be on their way. SCU high power charging(HPC) deals with the fast charging technology, which currently provide the maximum charging power with up to 360 kW, it is ideal for fuel stations, meeting venues, a roadside restaurant and bus stations high power charging. Other EVs that need to be charged quickly. The ultra fast charger is compatible with any electric vehicle with a DC fast-charge option.

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SCU DC fast charger station launched at Huanghua Harbor

Huanghua Harbor is located on the coast of the Bohai Sea in Huanghua City, Hebei Province. Coal is everywhere in the 20-square-kilometer port area. In September 2019, a special landscape appear in this dusty area. Sicon Chat Union(SCU) all-in-one type EV charges were installed, standing in rows to provide power guarantee for the pure EV fleets of the Harbor.

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