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How can SCU energy storage help European SMEs when electricity prices rise by 30%?

This winter may be extremely difficult for the European people, Under the background of Russia and Ukraine’s conflict and high inflation in various countries, Europe is experiencing a serious energy crisis. Under the heavy pressure of energy billing, more and more European SMEs choose photovoltaic energy storage to reduce electricity consumption.

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BESS off grid system for Solar Farm

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BESS Container in Data Center

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Battery Storage EV Charging Station

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RTG Battery Power System

Basically supplying power jointly with power grid to RTG machines installed in the port. The RTGs produce power too which reverts back the power and the battery storage stores the energy. By implementing battery storage system it adds good value for money to the project.

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Hybrid BESS for Peak Shifting

Thailand project, the BESS is used together with PV, as a supplement to utility power at sites and peak shifting to save utility cost; Meanwhile, improve Grid electricity quality.

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