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PV ESS Charging Integrated Solution for Environmental Development for a Plastic Enterprise

SCU’s PV-ESS-EV Charging solution saves costs and increases revenue for Norway plastics company. Contribute to corporate energy conservation, emission reduction, and green transformation.

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milk powder factory

Netherlands Milk Powder Factory Uses SCU Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Solutions to Save Electricity Bills

SCU provides an energy storage container for the milk powder factory. It adopts an AC coupling scheme and uses EMS to set the charging and discharging time. It can be combined with the local negative price policy in the Netherlands electricity market and use the peak-valley electricity price difference to make profits and save electricity bills.

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SCU Mobile Battery Energy Storage System for Emergency Power Supply for HK Electric

SCU provides HK Electric with a green mobile battery storage system. This system is powered by batteries, which not only helps it solve power supply problems more easily and conveniently but also avoids air and noise pollution during operation, minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment impact, helping the city become carbon neutral.

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An HPC Charger Solution for Electric Logistics Truck Charging towards Zero Emissions

A Swedish logistics company chose to cooperate with SCU, and we provided it with a reliable charging solution: a 360kw EV charging stack; each stack has 2 posts.

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SCU EV charger and EVs in the RTN

SCU EV Charger for Royal Thai Navy’s Strategic Plan for Electrification of Vehicles

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN), according to its overall plan, has introduced a fleet of various types of electric buses and utility vehicles to aid in reducing pollution and conserving energy. After conducting product comparisons and testing, they have ultimately selected SCU’s EV chargers for recharging their government EVs.

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20ft BESS container for the Grid and PV system for a factory in Ireland

Our customer is a factory in Ireland. The customer installed a large PV capacity. In order to fully absorb PV, SCU provided the customer with a Grid+PV+Energy Storage DC coupling solution, which not only fully utilized the power generated by PV but also enabled the customer to use stored power during peak power demand periods, reducing power costs.

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Energy storage and EV charger in German

An Off-grid Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solution with Clean Energy Power Supply to German Customers

Our German customer wants to install a DC fast EV charger in his factory, but there is no grid power supply. For this reason, we provide the customer with an off-grid EV charging station solution, that is, using a mobility energy storage system to power the charging piles. The energy storage system stores electrical energy in the photovoltaic power station and then goes to the charging station to release the stored energy to the charging pile to provide power for electric vehicles. This innovative move enables charging piles to be powered independently, no longer dependent on the power grid while ensuring the continuity of charging services.

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SCU Powers Denmark’s Bus Company with Green Charging Solutions for Low-carbon Emissions

A bus company in Denmark is partnering with SCU to power its newly purchased electric buses. Depending on the specific situation, SCU will provide it with 20 dual CCS2 DC EV chargers to provide it with green power and ensure the daily operation of the bus.

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Italy car wash company

Application of Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage in Car Wash Plants

SCU developed a PV + ESS + Grid solution for an Italian car wash company, providing a stable power supply. At the same time, by maximizing the use of solar power generation and energy storage and reducing dependence on city power, the car wash company significantly reduced energy costs.

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