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20ft bess container
A 20ft Modular Energy Storage Container for the Czech Metal Processing Plant

The mechanical equipment of a Czech metal processing plant consumes large amounts of electricity and has high electricity bills. Previously, PV was installed on the roof, but the excess electricity could not be stored. SCU provided it with a 20ft energy storage container, which was connected using an AC coupling solution. The excess electricity was stored in the battery, which reduced the use of the power grid by shaving peak loads and filling valleys. This saved the factory electricity bills and can also serve as a backup power source.

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Thailand plastic factory PV+ESS solution
PV+ESS Solution for A Thailand’s Plastic Factory

SCU provided 2 sets of GRES energy storage systems for a large plastics factory in Thailand. The factory has installed 200KwP solar energy to form a PV+ESS solution to power the important loads of the factory. The electricity generated by PVs is stored in the energy storage battery on weekends and used again on weekdays. The factory load consumes it during peak power periods or when electricity prices are high to save electricity costs.

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Guangdong 10MWh energy storage power station project
SCU Provides 10MWH Solution for User-Side Energy Storage System Project

The total installed capacity of this user-side energy storage project is 4.6MW/9.89MWh, with 2 grid connection points established. It is equipped with a total of 46 sets of BRES 100kW/215kWh energy storage systems, enabling the full absorption of stored energy during peak periods and reducing enterprise electricity expenses through peak shaving.

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Thailand Solar BESS Charging Station All-in-one Solution

We designed a solar BESS charging station all-in-one solution for a Thai customer. SCU designed a 40ft energy storage container + 240KW EV charging stack solution for them. Half of the container space is an accessory storage area, and the other half is a customer rest area. This system forms a microgrid of PV, BESS and EV chargers, which can realize two operation modes of grid-connected and off-grid according to the demand. It uses peak shaving and valley filling to reduce costs and also makes up for the shortcomings of discontinuity in solar power generation.

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A 40ft BESS Container for African Desert Rural Areas to Solve Electricity Difficulties

SCU provided a 40ft energy storage container to a village in the Niger desert in Africa to form a PV + energy storage system to help the village solve its long-term electricity difficulties, provide the village with a reliable power supply, and bring benefits to the lives of residents.

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CHINA HUANENG 40ft Container System
A 40ft Container of 2MW for Supercharging Station Electric Heavy-Duty Truck Battery Swapping Project

SCU cooperated with CHINA HUANENG to provide a 40ft automated centralized charging container system of 2MW for the supercharging station electric heavy-duty trucks battery swapping project it invested in, providing key support for the mine’s new energy heavy-duty trucks to achieve efficient and high-power charging and battery swap.

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Microgrid System with Energy Storage and Charging Stations Applied in an African Factory

SCU provides an energy storage system (GRES) and EV charger microgrid system for a factory in Ethiopia to help the factory’s trams charge. The energy storage system reduces the impact of EV chargers on the power grid and can also save costs and increase profits for the factory.

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PV BESS Solution for a Supermarket in Europe to Save Electricity Costs
PV BESS Solution for a Supermarket in Europe to Save Electricity Costs

In response to rising energy costs and environmental pressure, a supermarket in Europe chose to introduce SCU’s commercial and industrial energy storage system. The PV + ESS self-consumption model comprehensively improved energy utilization efficiency and significantly saved energy costs.

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African Hospital Energy Storage Off-Grid Solution
1MWh/200kW African Hospital Energy Storage Off-Grid Solution

SCU provided a 1MWh/200kW energy storage system off-grid solution for a hospital in Africa, which enabled the hospital to eliminate the high cost and noise problems of diesel generators, achieving dual benefits of environmental protection and economy.

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