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RTG Battery Power System

Basically supplying power jointly with power grid to RTG machines installed in the port. The RTGs produce power too which reverts back the power and the battery storage stores the energy. By implementing battery storage system it adds good value for money to the project.

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Hybrid BESS for Peak Shifting

Thailand project, the BESS is used together with PV, as a supplement to utility power at sites and peak shifting to save utility cost; Meanwhile, improve Grid electricity quality.

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Distributed solar storage project | Thailand

This project is solar generator with energy storage battery used for office power supply,to achieve new energy consumption, peak shaving, reduce electricity costs, reduce peak power demand etc.

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renewable hybrid power plant
Oman: Clean energy used for Seawater desalination

Oman is a country where deserts and oceans coexist. Fresh water is mainly supplied by seawater desalination facilities. This process requires a lot of electricity and heat energy. The utilization of clean energy has become the key to solving high energy consumption.

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A solution of mobile aircraft ground solid-state power for aircraft charging

SCU developed a customized solution – mobile aircraft ground solid-state power for aircraft charging. This mobile energy storage static variable power supply have many advantages such as low noise. It can also replace diesel generators and be used as emergency power supply equipment.

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energy storage container
SCU customized Hybrid Energy Storage System solution for Europe partner

This is a customized hybrid ESS solution that SCU makes for a solar farm in Europe.40′ container including 600kw PCS and 1.8mwh energy storage battery. Full certification such as EN50549 CE, UN38.3, MSDS etc.

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SCU home energy storage in Singapore

The home energy storage system is a green, efficient, advanced, and safe energy utilization management system. The system mainly includes solar panels, battery packs, inverters, control and communication modules. It will realize load shifting, power backup, and self-sufficiency in solar power generation.

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SCU_mobile energy storage charging vehicle
SCU Mobile Energy Storage Charging Vehicle

In recent years, many policies in China and the world have advocated green and environmental protection, such as carbon neutrality, double reduction policies, and the “Blue Sky Defense War”. Therefore, the development and use of new energy have become the current trend. SCU provided mobile charging vehicles for vehicles at Beijing Daxing Airport and became a walking charging station.

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Integrated smart grids with Solar+Storage+EV charger in Hainan Boao City

SCU provided Hainan Boao GRES integrated energy integrated power solution: photovoltaic power generation system, solar battery energy storage system, EV charging station

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UPS Netherlands
Renewable systems and energy storage for hybrid systems-Mobile ESS container in Netherlands

SCU cooperated with client in Netherlands and provided the movable container integrated PV&ESS solution.

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