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Solar Energy Storage

An intelligent comprehensive energy solution, which realizes the reasonable cooperation between wind, solar, energy storage battery, power grid, and diesel generator, makes scientific use of all kinds of mobile energy storage and provides users with green, low-cost, convenient, and high-quality power services.

What is Solar Energy Storage?

Grid Renewable Energy Storage Power Supply (GRES) is an intelligent and modular power supply equipment integrating lithium battery and PCS, which can have access to new energy, power grid, diesel generator to provide users with green, environmental protection, noise-free, high reliability, and high-security power services such as solar battery storage.

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Application value of Solar Energy Storage

New energy integration

To realize the reasonable allocation of wind, solar and other new energy, solar electricity battery storage, energy storage battery and power grid.

Uninterruptible power supply

Mobile energy storage can operate in on-grid or off-grid to ensure uninterruptible power supply for key loads.

Price difference between peak and valley

Lithium can benefit from the price difference between peak and valley.

Improving power quality

Solar energy storage devices improve power factor, reduce voltage and current harmonics, adjust three-phase imbalance.

GRES Static Generator Key features

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Safe and reliable

High-quality li-ion cell; Intelligent air cooling design, long service life;
IP54, safe and reliable operation in outdoor environment;
Serially designed PCS and battery pack eliminates circulating current and improves grid connected renewable energy system reliability. Integrated BMS, DC, AC multi-layer protection, maximum safety performance design.

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Efficient and Convenient

No air conditioning design, high energy efficiency.
Modular design, easy for installation, maintenance and capacity expansion;
Easy access to PV and diesel generator;
Fixed on the ground or mounted on vehicle, can be loaded and unloaded by forklift and hoisted by lifting ring;
Remote monitoring and equipment management, remote troubleshooting and data analysis.

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Cost optimization

One investment, multiple benefits: Peak shaving, backup power supply, micro grid building, power quality improving and great application in the solar battery energy storage system, etc.
Small size, light weight, less space and installation cost;
Long cycle life, low failure rate, reduce operation and maintenance investment;
Maximize green energy utilization.

Solar Energy Storage types


Battery and inverter all in one


Battery capacity:75kWh
PCS capacity:50KW

100 kwh battery


Battery capacity:150KWh
PCS capacity:100KW

200 kwh battery


Battery capacity:225KWh
PCS capacity:150KW

Specifications of battery energy storage system

model    GRES-75-50 GRES-150-100 GRES-225-150
AC parameter (on-grid)
Rated output power (kW) 50 100 150
Rated current (A) 75 151 227
Rated voltage (V) 3W+N+PE, 380
Grid voltage range -15%~10%
Rated grid frequency (Hz) 50/60
Grid frequency range (Hz) ±2
THDI <3%(At rated power)
Power factor >0.99
Adjustable range of power factor ±1
Overload ability 1.05
AC parameter (off-grid)
Rated output power (kW) 50 100 150
Rated current (A) 75 151 227
Rated voltage (V) 3W+N+PE, 380
THDV <3%( linear load)
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
Overload ability 105%
Cell type Lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4
Battery pack capacity (kWh) 5 10 15
Battery system capacity (kWh) 76.8 153.6 230.4
Running time(h) 1 (Change battery pack qty. to option other time)
Battery life span 25℃ 0.5C/0.5C EOL80% ≥2000times
Basic parameter
On and off grid switching device STS
Operate altitude (m) 4000(>2000 derating)
Display Touch screen
Communication interface RS485、CAN、LAN
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU、Modbus-TCP、CAN2.0B
Size (W*D*H)mm 1300*1540*1600 1300*2300*1600 1300*3060*1600
An Off-grid Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solution with Clean Energy Power Supply to German Customers

Our German customer wants to install a DC fast EV charger in his factory, but there is no grid power supply. For this reason, we provide the customer with an off-grid EV charging station solution, that is, using a mobility energy storage system to power the charging piles. The energy storage system stores electrical energy in the photovoltaic power station and then goes to the charging station to release the stored energy to the charging pile to provide power for electric vehicles. This innovative move enables charging piles to be powered independently, no longer dependent on the power grid while ensuring the continuity of charging services.

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How can SCU energy storage help European SMEs when electricity prices rise by 30%?

This winter may be extremely difficult for the European people. Under the heavy pressure of energy billing, more and more European SMEs choose photovoltaic energy storage to reduce electricity consumption.

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Application of Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage in Car Wash Plants

SCU developed a PV-ESS-Grid solution for an Italian car wash company, providing a stable power supply. At the same time, by maximizing the use of solar power generation and energy storage and reducing dependence on city power, the car wash company significantly reduced energy costs.

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Hybrid BESS for Peak Shifting

Thailand project, the BESS is used together with PV, as a supplement to utility power at sites and peak shifting to save utility cost; Meanwhile, improve Grid electricity quality.

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Distributed solar storage project | Thailand

This project is solar generator with energy storage battery used for office power supply,to achieve new energy consumption, peak shaving, reduce electricity costs, reduce peak power demand etc.

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Oman: Clean energy used for Seawater desalination

Oman is a country where deserts and oceans coexist. Fresh water is mainly supplied by seawater desalination facilities. This process requires a lot of electricity and heat energy. The utilization of clean energy has become the key to solving high energy consumption.

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SCU Mobile Energy Storage Charging Vehicle

In recent years, many policies in China and the world have advocated green and environmental protection, such as carbon neutrality, double reduction policies, and the “Blue Sky Defense War”. Therefore, the development and use of new energy have become the current trend. SCU provided mobile charging vehicles for vehicles at Beijing Daxing Airport and became a walking charging station.

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Integrated smart grids with Solar+Storage+EV charger in Hainan Boao City

SCU provided Hainan Boao GRES integrated energy integrated power solution: photovoltaic power generation system, solar battery energy storage system, EV charging station

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Renewable systems and energy storage for hybrid systems-Mobile ESS container in Netherlands

SCU cooperated with client in Netherlands and provided the movable container integrated PV&ESS solution.

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SCU: PV & ESS in New Energy Charging Station

PV & ESS integrated charging station, uses clean energy to supply power, and stores electricity through photovoltaic power generation. PV, energy storage and charging facilities form a micro-grid, which intelligently interacts with the public grid according to demand, and can realize two different operation modes, on-grid and off-grid. The PV ESS system can also alleviate the impact on the power grid when the EV charger is charging at high current.

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SCU: Application of lithium-ion battery and UPS instead of diesel generator in Moscow

Commercial Building in Moscow, Russia was having the problems of covering large area, much fuel consumption, big noise and heavy pollution from the diesel generator. SCU provided energy storage batteries instead of diesel generators as a backup power for the building, which solved the noise and gas pollution problems of diesel generators. Moreover, it can make full use of the peak-to-valley price difference to save costs and bring more income on investment.

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