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Power Line Communication (PLC) Modem

It is a PLC(Power Line Communication) based modem for communication between EV and EVSE.

SCU PLC modem

Power line communication modem is suitable for DC charge, and supports conversion of CAN, RS232/485 communication protocol to ISO/IEC 15118 and DIN 70121 standards. It can be installed inside CCS 2 DC chargers or new energy electric vehicles to realize intelligent interconnection between EV and EVSE.

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Processor: TI AM3352
Operating system: Linux 4.1.16
SECC interface: CAN, RS 232/485
PLC interface: HomePlugGreenPHY
Debug interface: Ethernet port
Chip: QCA7000
Operating voltage: 7VDC-30VDC
Power consumption: maximum 4W, idle mode 2W

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PLC modem is exquisite in appearance and easy to be embedded inside EVSE and EV;
ISO/IEC 15118, DIN 70121 compliant communication;
RS232, RS485, CAN and Ethernet interface to power electronics;
Timely handling of abnormal charging process;
TUV SUD certified.

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Charge controller in electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)
Charge controller in plug-in electric vehicles (PEV)
Simulators for tests of PEV or EVSE

Compatible with the hybrid energy storage solutions

PLC modem products


scu_plc modem


Description: Power Line Communication PLC Modem (EVSE Side)
Standards: DIN 70122,ISO 15118
Test Lab: TUV SUD (Verisco)

SCU&China Potevio join hands for Public EV fast-charging Station in China

As the core EV charger supplier of China Potevio, Sicon Chat Union(SCU) has successively provided large quantities of DC fast chargers in full power ranges. For many years, both parties keeps maintaining close cooperation relationship, making full use of their respective product and R&D advantages, join together to achieve a win-win situation.

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