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Solar Energy Storage Solution

With the increasing promotion of solar energy systems, the disadvantage of independent PV generation have been exposed such as reduce power output in cloudy weather, zero output at night, can’t store electricity.
Hybrid energy storage, Solar PV generation with battery backup, is a better solution, which can improve the stability and safety, reduce the power consumption cost by cutting peak and filling valley, increase income, and additional other value-added functions. Meanwhile, many policy requires that photovoltaic must be equipped with a certain proportion of energy storage.

Solar battery storage solutions from SCU

This is a set of integrated systems combining bidirectional PCS converter with energy storage battery, which could connect grid, solar PV as the source of electricity. Solar panels will produce energy during the day to self consumption and charge battery. The energy storage system will output energy to power supply the load during the night.

Different from traditional PV generation, the significance of SCU PV generation + ESS solution are solving technical difficulties, diversified income, and additional value-added functions.

Solar power storage solutions benefits

Power dynamic increase

When you need power supply capacity increase, there will be slow process, long time and high cost. Energy storage could be a better solution.

Peak shaving

With the deepening of power reform, the expansion of peak valley price difference will become a trend.

Improving power quality

By dynamically adjusting reactive power, the reactive power loss is compensated. The reactive power can be adjusted to more than 0.95.


Using solar energy to generate electricity, saving and earning you money.

Smart microgrid

If there is no grid, this solution could be a microgrid system.

Replace generators and UPS

It can also replace generators and UPS, which saves cost.

SCU solar solutions battery ( solar PV+ ESS container) for Europe customer

Solution and Configuration

This is an energy power supply solution for a solar farm.
There are grid, PV and energy storage system to power supply for the load. The configuration is below:
40” container
600kw bidirectional PCS
1.8Mwh lithium ion battery
Air conditioner
Fire distinguish device

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Solar energy storage solutions detail

Core advantages

  • IP54 for outdoor use. Temperature range -20~50°C.
  • Seamless switching between on-grid and off-grid.
  • Active BMS equalization system.


Work mode

  • On grid. The energy from grid to charge battery and power supply the load.
  • Off grid. The battery releases energy to supply power to the load.


Added Value

  • In addition to economic benefits from electricity generation, you can also get the following additional value.
  • Save investment in UPS, reactive power compensation equipment, adjusting three unbalanced equipment, and transformer capacity increase.

Solar battery solutions FAQ

SCU customized Hybrid Energy Storage System solution for Europe partner

This is a customized hybrid ESS solution that SCU makes for a solar farm in Europe.40′ container including 600kw PCS and 1.8mwh energy storage battery. Full certification such as EN50549 CE, UN38.3, MSDS etc.

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A solution of mobile aircraft ground solid-state power for aircraft charging

SCU developed a customized solution – mobile aircraft ground solid-state power for aircraft charging. This mobile energy storage static variable power supply have many advantages such as low noise. It can also replace diesel generators and be used as emergency power supply equipment.

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Renewable systems and energy storage for hybrid systems-Mobile ESS container in Netherlands

SCU cooperated with client in Netherlands and provided the movable container integrated PV&ESS solution.

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SCU: PV & ESS in New Energy Charging Station

PV & ESS integrated charging station, uses clean energy to supply power, and stores electricity through photovoltaic power generation. PV, energy storage and charging facilities form a micro-grid, which intelligently interacts with the public grid according to demand, and can realize two different operation modes, on-grid and off-grid. The PV ESS system can also alleviate the impact on the power grid when the EV charger is charging at high current.

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SCU: Application of lithium-ion battery and UPS instead of diesel generator in Moscow

Commercial Building in Moscow, Russia was having the problems of covering large area, much fuel consumption, big noise and heavy pollution from the diesel generator. SCU provided energy storage batteries instead of diesel generators as a backup power for the building, which solved the noise and gas pollution problems of diesel generators. Moreover, it can make full use of the peak-to-valley price difference to save costs and bring more income on investment.

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SCU home energy storage in Singapore

The home energy storage system is a green, efficient, advanced, and safe energy utilization management system. The system mainly includes solar panels, battery packs, inverters, control and communication modules. It will realize load shifting, power backup, and self-sufficiency in solar power generation.

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