Energy storage container, BESS container

Energy Storage Container

Adding Containerized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to solar, wind, EV charger, and other renewable energy applications can reduce energy costs, minimize carbon footprint, and increase energy efficiency.

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What is energy storage container?

SCU uses standard battery modules, PCS modules, BMS, EMS, and other systems to form standard containers to build large-scale grid-side energy storage projects. The standardized and prefabricated design reduces user customization time and construction costs and reduces safety hazards caused by local installation differences and management risks. It meets the application needs of regional power grid peak shaving, frequency regulation, voltage regulation, emergency response, new energy consumption, etc., and ensures the normal operation of the power system.

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Commercial & Industrial storage

Reduced energy costs in areas with big peak-to-valley price differences or negative prices.

Microgrid system

Solar, storage and diesel generator combined microgrid used in areas without electricity.

Solar Storage Charging

Integrate solar, storage, and charging stations to provide more green and low-carbon energy.

Mobile power supply

On the construction site, there is no grid power, and the mobile energy storage is used for power supply.

Backup Power

During a power outage, stored electricity can be used to continue operations without interruptions.

BESS Container Features

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Safe and reliable

Maximum safety utilizing the safe type of LFP battery (LiFePO4) combined with an intelligent 3-level battery management system (BMS);

Module built-in fire suppression measures, intelligent container level fire suppression system, hierarchical linkage, multi-layer protection;

IP54 protection cabinet, safe and reliable operation in harsh environments.

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Intelligent and efficient

Efficient, digital, and intelligent energy management system (EMS) architecture design;

0.5C charging and discharging rate;

Fault prediction, identification, and rapid location;

Plug&Play lithium-ion battery storage container;

Various usage scenarios of on-grid, off-grid, and micro-grid.

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Highly integrated

All-in-one containerized design complete with LFP battery, bi-directional PCS, isolation transformer, fire suppression, air conditioner and BMS;

Modular designs can be stacked and combined. Easy to expand capacity and convenient maintenance;

Standardized 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft integrated battery energy storage system container.

Energy Storage Container

BESS container product



Battery capacity: 645kWh
PCS capacity: 300KW
Size: 10ft, 3000*2438*2591(W*D*H)mm



Battery capacity: 1075kWh
PCS capacity: 500KW
Size: 20ft, 6058*2438*2591(W*D*H)mm



Battery capacity:2150kWh
PCS capacity:1000kW
Size:40ft, 12196*2438*2591(W*D*H)mm

ModelBRES-645-300BRES-1075-500 BRES-2150-1000
ParametersRated power645kwh1075KWh2.15MWH
Configuration3 Sets 768V280AH  BESS5 Sets 768V280AH  BESS10 Sets 768V280AH  BESS
Working voltage range DC672V~DC876V (2.8V~3.65V)
Battery typeLFP
PCS  parameters
AC grid-connected parameters Output line3W+N+PE/3W+PE 
Rated power300kw500KW 100kw
Rated voltageAC 380V/400V
Voltage range-15%~+10%
Rated frequency50Hz/60Hz 
Frequency range±2Hz
Power factor1
Output harmonics≤3% 
AC off-grid parameters Output line3W+N+PE/3W+PE 
Rated power300kw500KW 1000kw
Rated voltageAC 380V/400V
Rated frequency50Hz/60Hz 
Voltage accuracy1%
Frequency accuracy±0.2Hz
Output voltage harmonics3% liner full load
Unbalanced load capacity100%
Overload capacity (105%) :continuous operation;;(105%~120%):10min;(120%):stop operation;
Basic Patameters
EnvironmentWorking temperature -20℃~55℃(>45℃derating)
Storage temperature-20℃~60℃
Relative humidity 0%RH~95%RH, No condensation
Working altitude @45℃,2000m;2000m~4000m Derating
othersDimension W*D*HBasic Parameters
IsolationIsolation Transformer
Cooling Air cooling, intelligent fan regulation
Maximum efficiency 98.5%(without Isolation Transformer)
Fire controlHeptafluoropropane

EN 50549
BESS for African Rural Electrification Project

To solve the problem of power shortage, African governments have proposed support for the development of rural electrification off-grid solution projects, utilizing clean energy such as wind and solar energy combined with energy storage systems to achieve uninterrupted power supply.

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Czech solar PV plus BESS Project

In many countries, electricity prices for large-scale consumers are set with reference to their maximum peak load. Many enterprises with high energy consumption began to reduce the power grid consumption by installing photovoltaic systems and battery energy storage, that is peak shaving.

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BESS off grid system for Solar Farm

The grid Power quality in the area where the customer’s farm is located is poor. In order to solve the problem of electricity consumption, the customer installed Solar Energy storage system to run off-grid.

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BESS Container in Data Center

The project is a vehicle-mounted mobile energy storage system. It is used for new energy consumption in the data center to save electricity costs.

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