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EV Charger

SCU, as a professional electric vehicle charging station manufacturer, provides a Fast Charging station to charge all current and next generation vehicles.

Why SCU EV charger?

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Industrial design

The SCU charging pile focuses on every detail, simple, fashionable and friendly human-computer interaction interface realizes the control and management of charging pile.

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Various product

SCU is based on strong power electronic technology and digital control technology and independently developed various EV Charging infrastructure such as CCS EV charger, EV charging module, PLC, HPC charger, EV Charging Stack etc.

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From design to production, testing and application, the product quality is strictly controlled layer by layer. Multiple safety design ensures safety and reliability.

EV Charger type

DPM series(50-1000VDC)

EV Charger Module

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DPM series AC/DC Charging module is key power part of DC EV Charger, which converts AC to DC and then charge electric vehicles. Two optional DC output voltage: 50VDC-1000VDC, 40VDC-135VDC, which can meet various voltage demands of different battery packs.

Power Line Communication Modem (PLC)

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EVSE-PLC is a PLC(Power Line Communication) based modem for communication bwtween EV and EVSE. It can be installed inside CCS 2 DC chargers or new energy electric vehicles to realize intelligent interconnection between EV and EVSE.

EVMS series(30KW-150KW)

CCS CHAdeMO EV Charger

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The innovative solution for CCS CHAdeMO vehicles, covering 60KW-300KW specifications, meets the high efficiency charging requirements of all current and next generation rechargeable vehicles using CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T, AC Type 2.

HPC High Power Charger

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EVHS-350, High Power Ultra Fast Charging Station is a new and innovative solution to the growing demand for fast high current charging of next-generation electric vehicles(E-Bus and Luxury EVs).

EVDS series(240 KW)

EV charging stack

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EVMS EV charging stack also known as ev charger post, is a split-type charging system meeting multiple standards CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T. Adopting modular design concept and forefront power electronic technology,consists of power stack, control units and charge posts.Both Indoor and Outdoor types available.

SCU EV Charger installed at the Beijing Daxing Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport covers an area of 1.4 million square meters, is with charging supporting facilities and renewable energy. SCU won the bid for the second phase of the EV charger project in the flight area of Daxing Airport and installed 70 units EV charger power stack and 160pcs charge post.

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SCU&China Potevio join hands for Public EV fast-charging Station in China

As the core EV charger supplier of China Potevio, Sicon Chat Union(SCU) has successively provided large quantities of DC fast chargers in full power ranges. For many years, both parties keeps maintaining close cooperation relationship, making full use of their respective product and R&D advantages, join together to achieve a win-win situation.

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SCU High Power Charging System Installed at Bus Station

SCU ultra fast chargers are ideal for guests staying from 10 minutes to one hour. After a quick stop and charge, ev-drivers can be on their way. SCU High Power Charging(HPC) deals with the fast charging technology, which currently provide the maximum charging power with up to 360 kW, it is ideal for bus stations, fuel stations, meeting venues or a roadside restaurant, or EVs that need to be charged quickly. The ultra fast charger is compatible with any electric vehicle with a DC fast-charge option.

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SCU Renewable Energy Charging Station in Shanghai

In order to better carry out the logistics service of new energy vehicles, SCU participated in the construction and operation of the Shanghai Renewable Energy Charging Station in 2017. The EV charging station adopts a Split Type DC Charging Solution, DC charging stack+ charger post with dynamical power distribution function, and logistics vehicles in the station Provide 24-hour uninterrupted charging service.

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DHL Logistics Vehicles achieves Zero Emission by SCU EV Charging Solution – EV Charging Stack + Charger Post

DHL has set a mission to achieve zero emissions by 2050. As a benchmark company in the global logistics industry, DHL has more stringent standards when selecting partners. In China, DHL chose to cooperate with Sicon Chat Union(SCU) to establish New Energy Logistics Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Zhejiang.

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SCU DC fast charger station launched at Huanghua Harbor

Huanghua Harbor is located on the coast of the Bohai Sea in Huanghua City, Hebei Province. Coal is everywhere in the 20-square-kilometer port area. In September 2019, a special landscape appear in this dusty area. Sicon Chat Union(SCU) all-in-one type EV charges were installed, standing in rows to provide power guarantee for the pure EV fleets of the Harbor.

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SCU EV charger modules fascinate Top EV charging manufacturers of Europe

“Environmental, energy saving, green travel” has become a global consensus. In order to meet the era of green travel, SCU launched a new generation of high-power DC power modules, which can increase charging power, improve charging safety, and enhance user experience. They are sold to various European countries. Just Last year, sales amount reached more than 30,000 units.

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CPO High Quality Partner for EV Charging

SCU cooperates with a national high-tech enterprise and national enterprise technology center. It has undertaken a number of national key R&D projects. Sicon Chat Union(SCU) successfully joined hands with the CPO EV Charging Station project and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. As long-term strategic partners, both parties will combine high-quality EV charging infrastructure with comprehensive charging operation services to join hands in the new energy field to achieve new heights.

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