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Are there any special considerations when transport lithium ion battery?

Lithium batteries are flammable and explosive. If you want to transport batteries and other items safely, you must strictly abide by the regulations. Regulations vary from region to region, but a good guide for understanding air cargo restrictions and requirements is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and its “Dangerous Goods Regulations” (DGR) [7], which describe in terms of size, weight, and quantity According to the requirements of air cargo, the transportation of lithium-based batteries is divided into non–9 hazardous materials and 9 hazardous materials [8].

Non-category 9 involves the shipment of small quantities of batteries in smaller quantities, while category 9 involves the shipment of batteries of larger quantities and sizes. Each category will describe labeling, packaging and any unique handling requirements. Remember that all types of batteries face certain requirements and restrictions. For example, batteries transported inside the device must usually be disconnected for transportation. Although all this may seem heavy work for the end user or reseller, it is usually the responsibility of the system manufacturer to ensure compliance through proper design, labeling, user documentation, and packaging.

Based on this, we have roughly sorted out the basic requirements for lithium battery transportation: lithium batteries and lithium battery packs are classified as Class 9 dangerous goods; all lithium batteries (groups) including UPS li-ion battery must pass the UN38.3 test; for some Class 9 dangerous goods lithium Exceptions are provided for battery transportation; strict restrictions on the transportation of samples; restrictions on daily-use lithium batteries carried by passengers; restrictions on transportation of all defective batteries or damaged batteries.

Since lithium batteries are a metal that is particularly prone to chemical reactions, they are currently under strict control in international transportation. Only when all standards are met can they be transported safely and smoothly.

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