20ft BESS container for the Grid and PV system for a factory in Ireland - SCU

20ft BESS container for the Grid and PV system for a factory in Ireland

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Location: Ireland​​
Type: 20ft container
PCS: 200kW
Battery configuration: 600kWh LFP battery rack
MPPT: 300kw


Ireland is ahead of most countries in the EU, with 1.5GW of battery storage already planned. Ireland plans to generate 80% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030.

In 2023, the Irish government expanded the previously established application scope of PV power generation, supporting and encouraging the widespread installation of corporate PV panels from small local shops to large manufacturing plants.

Our customer is a factory with a total load of about 110KW, which was previously powered by the grid. The customer installed 300KW PV and used renewable energy to achieve carbon saving and emission reduction. Due to the substantial photovoltaic capacity, in order to ensure full PV grid integration (minimizing the wastage of solar power generation), the client is seeking an energy storage solution.

Ireland 20ft energy storage container


According to the needs of customers, we provide customers with a Grid + PV + Energy Storage solution, which mainly achieves two functions.

  1. Renewable Energy Consumption
    The PV capacity installed by the customer is large, and the PV power supply is given priority to the load, and the excess energy is stored in the energy storage system.
  2. Energy Arbitrage
    Prioritize the use of PV power supply. When the grid electricity price is high, the energy storage power supply is chosen; when the grid electricity price is low, the grid power supply is chosen. This way, peak and valley arbitrage can be achieved, and electricity bills can be saved.
20ft energy storage container in Ireland

This 20ft container includes PCS, battery, fire protection, transformer, and MPPT.



  1. DC coupling solution, directly connected to PV through MPPT, does not require a PV inverter, saving PV inverter costs.
  2. For general DC coupling solutions, the MPPT power is below 200KW. What we provide customers this time is a 300KW DC coupling solution.
PCS and MPPT module
PCS and MPPT module

The battery energy storage container solution provided by SCU to customers not only makes full use of the power generated by PV but also enables customers to use the stored power during peak power demand periods, thereby avoiding power purchases during high electricity price periods and reducing power costs. These savings will help improve the economics of the plant and provide a greater return on investment in sustainable energy.

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