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A 20ft Modular Energy Storage Container for the Czech Metal Processing Plant

With rising energy costs and increasing attention to sustainable development, a large Czech metal processing plant decided to optimize its energy management system to achieve energy conservation and cost control. The plant’s machinery and equipment consume a lot of electricity, resulting in high electricity bills. To meet this challenge, the plant installed a photovoltaic system on the roof and cooperated with SCU to adopt an advanced AC-coupled energy storage container solution.

20ft bess container


The Czech energy market is undergoing a profound transformation, and the government encourages companies to adopt renewable energy to reduce their dependence on traditional fossil fuels. The metal processing plant responded to the call and installed photovoltaic power generation equipment on the roof of the plant. However, photovoltaic power generation alone is not enough to solve the factory’s electricity consumption problems, especially when photovoltaic power generation is insufficient or during peak electricity consumption. Therefore, the plant decided to introduce SCU’s energy storage system to achieve efficient use and management of energy.

20ft energy storage system


SCU provided the metal processing plant with an AC-coupled 20ft energy storage container solution with a power conversion system PCS capacity of 600kw and a battery capacity of 614kWh.

The energy storage system can store the excess electricity generated by the photovoltaic system in batteries. In this way, the factory can use the stored electricity during peak electricity demand periods, reduce its dependence on high-priced electricity from the grid, achieve “peak shaving and valley filling”, and thus reduce electricity bills. The energy storage system not only optimizes electricity consumption but also improves energy utilization efficiency, bringing significant economic benefits to the factory.

In addition, SCU’s energy storage system is combined with the factory’s existing diesel generators to form a reliable backup power solution. Since the diesel generator has a small power supply and a limited power supply time, the energy storage system can quickly take over the power supply task of the diesel generator when the power grid is interrupted, ensuring that the factory’s production operations are not affected. This joint power supply mode greatly improves the factory’s power supply reliability.

PV ESS Application and Benefits

By adopting the solar energy storage system combined power generation solution, the metal processing plant can flexibly adjust the operation mode of the energy storage system to maximize the use of clean energy. The energy storage system not only helps the factory smooth the power load during peak hours and reduce the power demand cost but also further reduces the power purchase cost of the power grid by shaving peaks and filling valleys. The application of the energy storage system significantly improves the energy utilization efficiency of the factory and achieves a win-win situation in economic and environmental benefits.


With its leading position and innovation capabilities in the field of energy storage technology, SCU has successfully helped the Czech metal processing plant optimize energy management and reduce operating costs. In the future, SCU will continue to promote the development of energy storage technology, provide more companies with efficient and reliable energy solutions, and help the world achieve green and sustainable development.

SCU looks forward to working with more companies to jointly explore the infinite possibilities of energy storage technology and contribute to the green transformation of the global energy market. We sincerely invite customers with needs to contact us and move towards a sustainable future together.

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