Application of lithium-ion battery & UPS instead of diesel generator

SCU: Application of lithium-ion battery and UPS instead of diesel generator in Moscow

Shopping malls as an important part of modern people’s life. It covers a large area, carries much passenger flow, consumes high electricity bills for illumination and all kinds of electrical appliances. It usually runs for more than 12 hours daily, the electricity consumption a year is much more than we predicted. Diesel generators have been working as a backup power for commercial buildings for a long time, and along with the problems of exhaust pollution and noise, high energy consumption, and operating difficulty. SCU gives energy storage solutions including lithium-ion battery, UPS and energy storage PCS instead of diesel generator to solve the problems.

Project background: The commercial building in Moscow is now equipped with three diesel generators. The generators cover a large area, high fuel consumption, noise and exhaust gas pollution during operation, and the initial investment of the equipment is high. It is only used as a backup power supply, so the return on equipment investment is low.

Project configuration: Battery energy storage system and CMS series modular UPS.

SCU Solution: Providing energy storage batteries instead of diesel generators as a backup power for the building, using grid power to charge the batteries when the mains is normal, when the mains power failure, the batteries will supply power to the load which solved the noise and gas pollution problems of diesel generators. The investment used for diesel engines is transferred to energy storage batteries, which not only guarantees a longer backup time for the load, but also makes full use of the peak-to-valley price difference to save costs and bring more income on investment.

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