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BESS for African Rural Electrification Project

Energy and electricity are key factors in social and economic development, and power shortages have become an important bottleneck in the economic development of sub-Saharan Africa. The per capita consumption of primary energy in sub-Saharan Africa is 1/3 of the world average. The region is short of electricity, the existing power structure is single, and the grid size is small. The installed power generation capacity accounts for only 4% of the global installed capacity.

Due to factors such as war, hunger, and natural disasters, the construction of power networks in some parts of Africa has been unable to meet demand. The phenomenon of no or little electricity is still common in rural areas, and it often occurs in cities with power restrictions and unstable power supplies.
To solve the problem of power shortage, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and various African governments have proposed support for the development of rural electrification off-grid solution projects, utilizing clean energy such as wind and solar energy combined with energy storage systems to achieve uninterrupted power supply.

Deploy a small solar off-power grid system in the village, consisting of solar energy, energy storage, and diesel generators. African customers chose lead-acid batteries in their early projects, but due to their large size, occupies large area, and short lifespan, they switched to our GRES integrated energy storage system. IP54 can be directly installed outdoors without occupying indoor space; Equipped with an air conditioning system, it is well adapted to the high-temperature climate in Africa; Integrated integration without the need for additional wiring; Modular design, easy to install and maintain.

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