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CPO High Quality Partner for EV Charging

SCU cooperates with a national high-tech enterprise and national enterprise technology center, which has undertaken a number of national key R&D projects. It is a demonstration enterprise for manufacturing system integration with “Research and Application of Key Technologies of Green Energy for New Energy Vehicles”.

Relying on advanced R&D technology, product reliability and perfect service system, Sicon Chat Union(SCU) successfully joined hands with the CPO Electric Vehicle Charging Station project and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. As long-term strategic partners, both parties will combine high-quality EV charging infrastructure with comprehensive charging operation services to join hands in the new energy field to achieve new heights. Over these years, SCU has provided more than 5,000 sets of DPM series EV power module and EVDS series integrated DC power supply for the CPO.

The DC charging module is a built-in DC power module for the EV charging pile, which converts the AC power of the mains into the DC power that can be used by the back-end electric vehicle, that is, the EV charging module provides a reliable DC quick charging station for the equipment that needs DC. The DC output voltage has two optional ranges: 50VDC-1000VDC and 40VDC-135VDC. The module adopts three-phase active power factor correction technology, interleaved three-level series resonant soft switching technology and digital control technology. It has high reliability, high availability, high maintainability, high efficiency, high power density and other advantages. It reduce safety hazards, greatly save life cycle operation and maintenance costs, and provide flexible, reliable, and low-cost built-in power modules for high-power DC quick charger stations!

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