Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Solutions for EV Testing Companies

Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Solutions for EV Testing Companies

In Europe, a region focused on renewable energy and clean transportation, SCU provided an advanced energy storage solution to a tram testing company to help it achieve its energy self-sufficiency goals. The perfect combination of PV and energy storage system makes energy management more intelligent and sustainable in daily operations.

GRES(ESS) in Testing Company


As a key player in the EV industry, tram testing companies have a huge demand for electric energy during their testing process. Battery charging test, power system test, thermal management system test, etc. This includes evaluating battery performance, charging pile compatibility and thermal management systems, which require large amounts of electricity to simulate various driving and charging scenarios.

To reduce energy costs and improve sustainability, the company has introduced a 90kW PV system but hopes to achieve more intelligent and efficient use of electric energy through energy storage systems.


According to customer needs, SCU is equipped with an energy storage system (GRES) and an energy management system (EMS), which are closely integrated with the 90kW PV. When the PV energy is excess, it supplies power to the 45kW load and stores the excess energy in the battery. When PV is unavailable, the battery releases energy to provide stable power to the load, and the overall AC coupling scheme is adopted.

PV and ESS solution



The photovoltaic + energy storage system solution can increase the self-consumption rate of PV, store unused PV power in batteries, and optimize the PV output curve. It can first store part of the energy that the grid cannot absorb and connect it to the grid at other times. Reducing the waste caused by abandoning light and limiting electricity can also achieve multiple advantages, such as peak-valley arbitrage, demand management, etc.

This smart system optimizes using PV energy not only to power the tram testing company’s loads but also to charge the batteries when the sun is shining. This intelligent fusion allows energy generation and storage to work optimally together. The PV + energy storage system model has become a popular clean energy solution.

Energy Management System (EMS)

The EMS equipped with the energy storage system plays a key role. When PV energy is abundant, the EMS intelligently regulates battery charging while providing the required 45kW of power to the load. When the PV energy is insufficient or unavailable, the battery releases the stored energy to meet the load demand. This intelligent energy management system allows the tram testing company to achieve self-consumption, minimizing dependence on mains electricity.

Flexibility of AC Coupling Solutions

SCU’s energy storage solution adopts an AC coupling solution, providing the system with greater flexibility. This means that the energy flow between PV and loads is smoother, and the system can more easily adapt to the needs of different operating scenarios. This design decision further improves overall system efficiency and stability.

Environmental protection and sustainability

The application of this energy storage solution also complies with Europe’s high standards for environmental protection and sustainability. By maximizing the use of PV energy, the tram testing company reduces the demand for traditional electricity and reduces carbon emissions while achieving self-use. This aligns with Germany’s active policies promoting renewable energy and clean transportation.


The smart energy storage solution provided by SCU for the tram testing company is not only a current success story but also a model for self-contained energy management in the future. In the new exploration of the new energy era, this solution sets an industry-leading example for the tram testing company. It is also SCU’s positive outlook for future sustainable energy applications.

The cleanliness of PV plays an indelible role in stabilizing the regional power grid structure, shaving peaks and filling valleys, and promoting low-carbon and green development of enterprises. At present, the pace of integrating PV and energy storage continues to accelerate, especially in the industrial and commercial fields. As a typical application of energy storage systems on the user side, commercial and industrial energy storage system is increasingly economical. The cost of energy storage equipment continues to decrease, and its efficiency and performance are gradually improved. This makes industrial and commercial energy storage increasingly important in reducing electricity costs and improving electricity utilization.

The advantages of industrial and commercial energy storage in terms of economy, sustainability and market participation are increasingly apparent, and it has become an indispensable part of the company’s sustainable development strategy. In the future, with the continuous innovation and promotion of energy storage technology, SCU will continue to provide users with more reliable, economical and environmentally friendly commercial and industrial energy storage solution.

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