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Data Center in Shanghai Guardhouse

The integrated intelligent cabinet is easy to disassemble and assemble, short time for construction and easy for management at site. The micro UPS module is customized by the factory and have the characteristics of industrialization and standardization. At the same time, the micro-module is composed of two rows of equipment units facing each other, plus closed aisle, skylights, side doors, etc., to achieve isolation between cold and hot aisles. The air supply distance between rows is short, and the refrigeration system  is highly accurate. It can also achieve on-demand flexible cooling and support high-density loads. In addition, SCU integrated intelligent cabinet can save area. For example, to build a 144 6~8 kW standard business cabinets requires three functional divisions with total 730㎡, say 5㎡ each cabinet. However micro-module requires only one functional area, with 520㎡, only 3.6㎡for a cabinet, reducing cost and simplifying the difficulty of layout.

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