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Distributed solar storage project | Thailand

What does the customer need?

This project is solar generator with energy storage battery used for office power supply,to achieve new energy consumption, peak shaving, reduce electricity costs, reduce peak power demand etc.

Project requirement:
250kW PCS, support active and reactive power control.
368.6kWh lithium battery, discharge at least 1C.

What are we offering?

20ft energy storage container solution: It is mainly divided into battery and electrical parts, equipped with 300kW PCS+460kWh battery pack, and including air conditioning, fire fighting, lighting, control and other parts, forming a safe and stable integrated energy storage system.

What are our advantages?

  1. On-demand customization

The battery and electrical components are modular, flexible and scalable on demand. Standard 20-foot or 40-foot container systems are available. Up to 2.5MWh/1.2MW energy storage systems are available.

2. Rapid deployment

Prefabricated design, systematic prefabricated production in the factory, saving installation time, and improving the deployment speed of the energy storage system.

3. Safe and reliable

The lithium battery system adopts LFP square aluminum shell cell and innovative thermal isolation insulation bracket design, which greatly improves the safety in heat dissipation, insulation and isolation.

Combined with the three-level BMS management system, multi-state monitoring, hierarchical linkage, to improve the security of the system.

4. Cost optimization

Integrated design, small size, light weight, can be directly applied to outdoor, reduce the cost of construction; Active battery system balance design, improve the lifespan of the system, reduce operation and maintenance investment.

What can we do?

Peak and frequency modulation, smooth solar energy volatility;
Peak shaving, gain from peak valley price difference;
Increase the consumption of new energy, reduce wind and solar abandon;
Backup power supply to ensure stable power supply for load;
Replace diesel generator, reduce noise pollution;

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