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Energy Storage and EV Charging Solution for Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging

On the road to clean transportation, SCU is once again contributing to a sustainable future by providing charging solutions for the electrification of the European transport fleet. Since the grid’s power is not enough to meet the changing needs, we provide customers with a dynamic capacity expansion plan, a combination of Grid + Energy Storage + EV charger.


Since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015, countries have continued to increase their efforts in climate action, and many countries have pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Under the influence of this goal, logistics fleets are also moving towards clean transportation, upgrading traditional transportation fleets to electric ones.

However, one challenge is that the grid power supply is limited, only 10kW, which does not meet the charging requirements. If EV chargers are installed and cannot be used normally, the fleet will not be able to provide normal services.

To this end, SCU combines the advantages of all-around technologies and products in energy storage and charging to provide customers with a simple and efficient short-term power expansion solution to meet the charging needs of transportation fleets.


When faced with the problem of overcapacity, the traditional method is to submit a static capacity expansion application to the power bureau, go through the process, wait for notification, and pay the fee, and the fee is relatively high. The other is to seek dynamic and achieve capacity expansion by installing energy storage systems.

Dynamic capacity expansion

SCU’s energy storage system has high power output capabilities, ensuring a stable and efficient power supply for EV chargers and electric fleets to meet the growing charging demand. The energy storage is equipped with an intelligent charging management system to achieve precise control and scheduling of battery charging and discharging, maximize the use of clean energy, and optimize energy utilization efficiency.

In addition, the energy storage system used for dynamic capacity expansion can also take into account peak and valley arbitrage. It is charged during the low periods of the power grid and discharged during the peak hours of electricity consumption during the day. Dynamic expansion not only saves expansion costs but also brings long-term stable benefits to users.

By adding energy storage, the problem of insufficient grid power is solved. In the end, we provided customers with a complete charging solution that met the charging needs of the transportation fleet’s electrification.

ESS-EV charging solution


As the scale of electric transportation fleets continues to expand, SCU’s energy storage solution uses dynamic capacity expansion technology to flexibly adjust system capacity to meet the growing energy demand. Through flexible energy storage systems, the grid power supply can be increased to meet the charging needs of electric fleets. It not only provides the transport team with an efficient energy storage system but also combines it with EV chargers to achieve seamless power connection. This integrated solution not only improves the power utilization efficiency of the grid but also reduces energy conversion losses and provides reliable support for the charging of transport vehicles.

  • Flexible response to power needs:

SCU’s energy storage system not only provides flexible adjustment of grid power supply but can also respond to power demands in different time periods. When the demand for charging piles peaks, the energy storage system releases reserved power to ensure that the electric transportation fleet can charge quickly and maintain efficient operation.

  • Sustainable transportation, ahead of the times:

Through SCU’s integrated energy storage and EV charger solution, transportation fleets will move towards a more sustainable transportation model. The rollout of electric fleets will reduce carbon emissions, and SCU’s intelligent power management solutions will ensure this transition is more efficient and economically viable.

SCU’s electric vehicle fleet charging solution injects new vitality into the electric vehicle transformation of transportation fleets. This solution not only solves the bottleneck of limited grid power but also improves power utilization efficiency, making electric vehicle charging more convenient and efficient. SCU will continue to uphold the concepts of innovation and sustainable development, provide enterprises with efficient energy solutions, and jointly promote the development of clean transportation.

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