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Guizhou Xiangming IDC Data Center

Xiangming IDC data center provides hosting services for private enterprises. The information equipment running in the data center must work uninterrupted 7*24 hours. In the event of a power outage and other emergencies, it will bring huge losses. The UPS system can provide power for the equipment in the data center computer room for a certain period of time after a sudden power failure to ensure the continuous operation of the information equipment in the computer room. Therefore, the choice of UPS power supply system has become a top priority.

This time, SCU won the bid for Xiangming IDC data center and provided it with 8 sets of green high-power modular type UPS, CMS-640 system (operating in modular dual bus mode) for uninterruptible power supply.

The modular UPS dual-bus power supply system provided by SCU meets the power supply requirements of user equipment, can achieve continuous parallel expansion or redundant backup of the UPS system, meets the need for expansion of later equipment, and realizes the efficiency of UPS power input Energy-saving, with high overall efficiency, low heat generation, and low operating loss, it can greatly improve the utilization rate of electric energy and realize green energy saving and electricity saving. It is the best choice for large data centers in the future.

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