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How can SCU energy storage help European SMEs when electricity prices rise by 30%?

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This winter may be extremely difficult for the European people, Under the background of Russia and Ukraine’s conflict and high inflation in various countries, Europe is experiencing a serious energy crisis. Under the heavy pressure of energy billing, more and more European SMEs choose photovoltaic energy storage to reduce electricity consumption.

German customer John (pseudonym) is a food processing factory owner who complains before purchasing GRES products, saying that “I have received a notice from the power company that the electricity bill will rise by 30% in winter, which will be very bad for businesses like us. “As a result, they chose photovoltaic power generation to replace commercial electricity. The return on investment in photovoltaic is relatively high, but only photovoltaics cannot solve the problem of customer consumption at night. If the combination of photovoltaic and lithium battery energy storage products can perfectly solve the customer’s power consumption problem throughout the day. The SCU’s (Sicon Chat Union) GRES is a comprehensive energy storage system, which integrates lithium batteries (including BMS), PCS, Solar MPPT, STS, PMS, air conditioning and IP54 cabinets. It can be achieved 1) Power supply directly to the load during the day, and the amount of excess electricity is stored to the battery; 2) When the photovoltaic power is insufficient, the battery and photovoltaic can be combined with power, later the battery supply alone;3) When the battery power is insufficient, automatically switch to the grid/generator supply mode; In addition, GRES can also achieve 1) peak shaving, use peak valley electricity price difference to reduce electricity costs; 2) uninterrupted power supply from the network;

SCU GRES system with 230kWh/150kW

“Small body, large energy” is used to describe GRES anymore. Its design fully considers the safety, space occupation and easy operation, etc. Many end users like John are not professional power engineers, but he did not feel distressed by the installation and operation of GRES. Both battery and PCS parts are modular design. It is as simple as the installation of the building blocks; Except for the communication and power line between the battery packs, there is no cable connection work inside the equipment; The startup is simple and easy to operate. The hardware and software of GRES are independently developed and produced by SCU. SCU engineers can easily solve the problems that customers encounter during use, so customers praise our after -sales service.

The GRES system has been favored by domestic and foreign customers with its characteristics of intelligence, security, easy operation, small volume, and strong outdoor adaptability. It effectively solves the problem of uninterrupted power supply and high electricity bills for European SMEs.

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