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Lithium-ion Battery UPS System for Vietnam Textile Factory


In Vietnam, a large textile factory faced the challenge of frequent power outages. Textile machines have long working hours and heavy loads, and any power outage may cause the production line to stagnate, affecting production progress and corporate profits. To address this challenge, SCU provided the textile factory with a comprehensive backup power solution to ensure that the machines can operate stably under any circumstances.

lithium-ion battery UPS


In response to the special needs of the textile factory, SCU customized a lithium-ion battery UPS system solution as an efficient backup power supply. The solution includes 8 sets of 460V 200Ah lithium-ion battery packs and a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with a capacity of 600kVA. This solution can provide the factory with more than 1 hour of power protection when the power is interrupted, ensuring that the textile machines will not stop due to power outages.

Application of lithium-ion battery UPS

8 sets of 460V 200Ah lithium battery packs are the core of the backup power system. These high-efficiency lithium battery packs can quickly provide sufficient power when the power grid fails, ensuring that the textile machines will not stop due to power outages. At the same time, lithium battery packs have a long service life and high energy density, which reduces maintenance costs and replacement frequency, saving a lot of operating costs for enterprises.

The UPS system is closely integrated with the lithium battery pack to form a powerful backup power system. When the grid voltage is detected to be abnormal, the UPS system will immediately switch to battery power mode, seamlessly replace the grid power supply, and ensure the continuous operation of production equipment. The UPS system not only provides power guarantee, but also has voltage regulation function to prevent power fluctuations from damaging equipment.


  • Uninterrupted power supply: Through this solution, textile mills can maintain the normal operation of the production line in the event of power outages or unstable voltage in the grid, ensuring that the production progress is not disturbed.

  • Reduce losses: Any power outage during the production process will result in huge economic losses. SCU’s backup power solution effectively avoids production stagnation caused by power outages and ensures the stability of corporate profits.

  • Improve efficiency: This solution not only provides backup power, but also optimizes power use through an efficient energy management system, reduces energy waste, and improves overall energy efficiency.

SCU’s Technical Strength

The backup power solution provided for the Vietnamese textile factory once again demonstrated SCU’s strong technical strength in energy management and power security. SCU can not only tailor solutions according to the specific needs of customers, but also provide high-quality products and services to ensure the smooth production and operation of customers.

As the global demand for energy reliability continues to increase, SCU will continue to be committed to innovation, provide more efficient and reliable energy solutions for various industries, and promote the sustainable development of the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit SCU for exchanges and explore the unlimited possibilities of future cooperation.

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