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A solution of mobile aircraft ground solid-state power for aircraft charging

Aircraft ground solid-state power is designed to convert 50Hz commercial power into required frequency and voltage, which is used for startup and power-on inspection of aircraft and airborne equipment. It is a necessary ground support equipment for airports.

SCU developed a mobile aircraft ground solid-state power for aircraft charging, which is a customized solution for China airport. This mobile energy storage static variable lithium UPS power supply is easy to use, low noise, zero pollution, zero emission, low operating cost, and budget friendly system. It can also replace traditional diesel generators and be used as emergency power supply equipment in airports. The system is integrated with multiple functions.


Static variable power supply: 110V,400Hz

Energy storage converter: 100KW

Lithium battery system: 250KWh

It is a trailer below. Above is the Ground Power Units and Energy Storage System. Left is the Ground Power Units. It as a power source to deliver aircraft quality 400hz Power. Right is the Lithium ion battery and Power Conversion System (PCS). There are two sets lithium ion battery system, totally 250kwh.


  1. Innovative structural design
  2. Intelligent management
  3. Vehicle specification level design
  4. 5-level safety protection

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