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Off-grid application of energy storage system as a backup

100 kwh battery

Project Description:

This is an LPG gas processing plant project. The site is powered by two gas generators, two generators will switch one time every day, and it will take 10-30 minutes during the switch. During the switching period, important loads cannot be powered off, how to do it? That’s right, it uses battery energy storage. SCU has provided an all-in-one solution for Indonesian customers


-Pure off-grid

-Switching of two 350kW gas generator to power the plant load

-30kWp photovoltaic panels, the photovoltaics only charge the batteries

-Load: 350kW, customer requests a 100kW key load to ensure uninterrupted power supply when two gas generators are switched.

-Backup time: DG replaced need 10-30 minutes one time, 1-2time per day

SCU off-grid solution:

-Model: GRES-150-100

-2*75kWH Lithium battery with a total of 150kWH, which can be used for full day when fully charged

-3*50kW PCS, because it is full output when DG replacing, it is not recommended that the PCS 100% output for a long time, add an additional 50kW ACDC module, so that the PCS is stable at 70% output protection module),

-1*50kW MPPT module connected to 30kWp photovoltaic panel

-IP54 for outdoor usage

This configuration can meet customer requests.

Draft diagram:

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