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PV ESS Charging Integrated Solution for Environmental Development for a Plastic Enterprise

Plastic pollution is a common challenge facing mankind. With the rise of the global green economy, plastic pollution control has entered a new stage, and many manufacturing companies have begun to explore sustainable development paths. Our client, a Norwegian plastics manufacturer, wanted to become as energy self-sufficient as possible while doing its part for the green transition. The company transitioned from “pollution” to “environmentally friendly” and installed an energy storage system.

Three steps for green development:

In 2020, the company installed a 205 KWp solar cell system on the roof of the production site, which can provide the company with half the clean electricity needed for production and reduce electricity costs.

To maximize the use of self-produced energy and further reduce the climate footprint. SCU configured a 1.1MW energy storage battery for the company to connect to the photovoltaic power generation system, which can store electricity and reduce power peaks.

The plastics company’s internal electric vehicles have charging needs, and SCU provides a 150kW container EV charging station to provide fast charging services for the company’s internal vehicles. It can also charge external vehicles to increase revenue.

PV-ESS-EV Charging System


  1. Mains power usage strategy: Set the time-of-use power according to the time-of-use electricity price, adjust the mains input power according to the time period, and use the remaining power to recharge the battery during periods of low electricity prices.
  2. Battery control strategy: recharge during periods of low electricity prices and discharge during periods of high electricity prices.
  3. Mains + battery hybrid power supply mode: When the battery power is insufficient, the battery and mains together provide energy to the load.
  4. Photovoltaic control strategy: Photovoltaic power generation is prioritized for load power supply, followed by replenishing battery power for self-use.
  5. Grid response mode: can generate electricity to the grid according to grid dispatch instructions.

norway PV-ESS-EV Charging ec charger part

SCU’s integrated PV, ESS and EV charging system integrates solar photovoltaic power generation, energy storage systems and EV chargers and has many advantages:

  • Comprehensive energy utilization: The integrated light storage and charging system can better integrate solar power generation and energy storage technology, allowing the system to provide a stable power supply under various weather conditions. This integration increases the utilization of renewable energy.

  • Continuous power supply: The integrated light storage and charging system realizes energy storage through energy storage technology so that the system can provide continuous power in the event of a power outage or unstable power grid.

  • Intelligent energy management: This type of system is usually equipped with an intelligent energy management system (EMS), which can automatically adjust energy use and storage based on factors such as power demand, electricity prices, and weather, improving the overall efficiency of the system.

  • Reduce the burden on the power grid: The integrated optical storage and charging system can reduce dependence on the traditional power network, reduce the burden on the power grid, and help reduce the pressure on the power network, especially during peak hours.

  • Environmental protection and sustainability: By integrating solar power generation, we reduce reliance on traditional power sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the environmental protection of the system, in line with the concept of sustainable development.

  • Market adaptability: The integrated optical storage and charging system can be flexibly configured to adapt to various application scenarios, including commercial, industrial, residential areas, etc., providing more market application possibilities.

  • Reduce energy costs: Through independent power generation and energy storage systems, users can reduce power purchase costs and improve energy economy.

  • Smart grid: Utilizing new energy and distributed energy to improve the energy structure and reduce dependence on traditional energy promotes the development of smart grid

Value for Customer

The person in charge of the plastic company said: “We hope to be as self-sufficient as possible in energy and contribute to the green transformation. Although it is a large investment, it can effectively reduce production costs and increase diversified income in the long run. Promote the sustainable development of the company.”

The customer has highly recognized the integrated light storage and charging solution provided by SCU, which provides customers with a more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly energy management option. Users can become self-sufficient while increasing revenue for the company.

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