PV+ESS Solution for A Thailand's Plastic Factory

PV+ESS Solution for A Thailand’s Plastic Factory

Thailand’s New Energy Market Situation

Thailand’s government supports the solar energy storage market by providing various incentives and regulatory support, thus providing investors with long-term income security. Thailand’s economy has long been highly dependent on fossil fuels, accounting for about 76% of energy consumption. Thailand’s government is encouraging the installation of renewable energy across the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-25% within seven years. The installed capacity of Thailand’s solar market is expected to reach 3.9 GW by 2024 and is expected to grow to 5.52 GW by 2029. Over the next 25 years, Thailand will gradually shift to the use of renewable energy.

Why do customers need an energy storage system?

With the rapid development of renewable energy, more and more companies are beginning to use clean energy such as solar energy to reduce energy costs, while also paying more attention to environmental protection. To protect the environment and save energy, a large plastics processing factory in Thailand has installed a solar power generation system to power the important loads of the factory.

  • PV power generation is not allowed to be connected to the grid

Due to local policy restrictions in Thailand, the power generated by photovoltaics in the factory on weekends cannot be exported to the power grid, resulting in unnecessary waste of energy. In order to solve this problem, the factory urgently needs a reliable battery energy storage system to store photovoltaic power generation on weekends and provide power during peak hours on weekdays or when electricity prices are higher.

  • Peak shaving and valley filling to help factory save electricity bills

The energy storage system can cut peaks and fill valleys, eliminate peak loads, smooth the power consumption curve, and reduce demand electricity bills. Factories can flexibly adjust the operating mode of the energy storage system according to actual conditions, maximize the use of clean energy, reduce power costs, and achieve a win-win situation of economic and environmental benefits.

SCU Solar & Storage Solution

The factory has installed 200kWp photovoltaics. After in-depth communication and analysis between the two parties, SCU provided it with 2 sets of GRES-300-200 energy storage systems to form a PV+BESS system. This system can store the electricity generated by photovoltaics on weekends into the battery of the energy storage system, and then consume it by the factory load on weekdays during peak power periods or when electricity sales prices are high. This peak-shaving and valley-filling strategy not only helps Balance the power consumption of the factory and reduce energy waste caused by differences in power consumption peaks and valleys.

GRES energy storage system

Through cooperation with SCU, the Thai plastic factory successfully solved the problem of power waste caused by photovoltaic power generation and achieved efficient use of energy and sustainable development. This not only saves the factory a lot of electricity costs but also provides it with a reliable supply of clean energy, laying a solid foundation for its future development. SCU has rich technical experience and a professional team. In the future, SCU will continue to be committed to providing customers with more reliable and efficient commercial and industrial energy storage solutions, and jointly promote the development and application of clean energy.

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