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The IDC project of Beijing Public Security Bureau aims to promote “Internet + services”, and strive to create a “smart, fast, convenient, and open” service model, so as to make data run as much as possible, people run errands less, or even errands, and solve it to the greatest extent possible The “last mile” problem of serving the masses.

The smooth development of the project requires strong data center support. The computer room has become the key to data operation and application. Lithium-ion battery UPS power supply system, as an important source of uninterrupted power, plays an indispensable role.

With forward-looking technology and high-quality products, Sicon has become a long-term partner of Beijing Public Security Bureau. In 2013, the first phase of the project was constructed, and 20 sets of Sicon CMS (480kva) modular UPS system were purchased. In 2017, the second phase of the project was constructed and 60 sets of CMS were purchased. The (800kva) system group is in the parallel 2N program, which provides a strong power guarantee for key equipment such as the city’s monitoring, storage and command system services.

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