SCU EV charger modules fascinate Top EV charging manufacturers of Europe - SCU

SCU EV charger modules fascinate Top EV charging manufacturers of Europe

“Environmental, energy saving, green travel” has become a global consensus. The steady development of the electric vehicle market has driven the rapid development of the EV charging station industry. In order to meet the era of green travel, SCU launched a new generation of high-power DC power modules, which can increase charging power, improve charging safety, and enhance user experience. They are sold to various European countries. Just Last year, sales amount reached more than 30,000 units.

When choosing an EV charger module, customers are most concerned about production technology, product performance, operation and maintenance costs. Forward-looking technology can ensure standardization in the production process, ensure product quality, improve efficiency, and reduce life cycle costs. SCU DPM series DC charging pile adopts interleaved parallel and series resonance control technology, with a maximum operating frequency of 300Hz; a three-level soft-switching power circuit reduces the stress of power devices. With digital control, the product runs more efficiently and stably.

The safety and reliability of the DC Charger rectifier is also ingenious. Each component has undergone multiple layers of rigorous review and testing to ensure stability and accuracy. The key components are designed with excess margins to improve safety and usability. In addition, scientific and reasonable thermal design ensures that the temperature rise of key components is controlled in a safe and reasonable range.

SCU EV power module has a wider range of adaptability, it complies with GB/T, CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO and other standards. The module has a high protection level and can run smoothly in harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, and dust,providing a flexible, reliable, and low-cost built-in power module for HPC EV chargers.

SCU charger module pursues “higher power density, wider constant power control range, higher efficiency, lower noise, higher protection performance, higher reliability” in design. The module inherited and strengthened the value of the charging function module of “saving time, save power and worry-less” to meet different market demand charging solutions and create higher value for customers.

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