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SCU Hybrid Solar Storage clean energy project in Thailand

Located in the Middle of Thailand, SCU 20ft BESS Container has been fully commissioned in OCT of 2022, it will complement the existing onsite solar power generation and supply electricity to the EGAT Personnel Office to reduce the office’s electricity consumption. The Project requires a reliable, efficient, and low life cycle cost means of generating electrical power.

energy storage system

SCU, focusing on the R&D and supplier of smart energy storage solutions, customized a 20ft energy storage container solution-GRES model, integrating 300kW bi-directional power conversion system, 645kWh lithium-ion battery storage, air conditioner, fire-fighting system, lighting, PDU and other parts to form a safe and stable integrated energy storage system. Combined to use together with existing solar power, the BESS could help maximize power savings by minimizing utility demand charges with available solar power and battery storage, reducing the office’s electricity consumption during the day.

With this BESS solution, the solar and battery storage system is able to store the excess power generated by solar during the day to be used at peak hours or at night, rather than the available power going to waste from overproduction. And furthermore, the BESS Energy storage system enables commercial and industrial customers to optimize the cost of battery power charging and discharging by peak-valley electricity price difference to reduce peak energy demand costs.

In addition to benefiting the Government office by relieving the power consumption stress on the grid, and also helps EGAT utilities to optimize the amount of renewable energy utilized on the grid so as to help to reach Thailand’s government’s goal of carbon neutral by 2050 and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2065.

The above project is only one example of BESS energy storage projects completed by SCU. In Southeast Asian countries, there’re more than 1000+ ESS sites in good operation, supported by indoor or outdoor, cabinet or container ESS systems provided by SCU and their close partners of the battery system and EMS.  

SCU, together with you, seeking to promote a more green and sustainable future.

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