SCU Lithium-Ion Battery UPS in Indonesian Data Center

SCU Lithium-Ion Battery UPS in Indonesian Data Center

Indonesia has a huge population base and growing Internet users. The booming development of the Internet is driving the continuous growth of the data center industry. This wave has put forward higher requirements for data centers and requires more reliable and efficient power supply systems. Advanced lithium-ion UPS technology is more popular than traditional lead-acid batteries and is gradually becoming an indispensable power solution for data centers.

Recently, SCU, as a reliable lithium-ion UPS data center solution provider, provided a lithium-ion battery UPS data center solution for a data center in Indonesia. The solution was adopted and successfully implemented, providing it with important power support to ensure Servers, storage and other IT equipment can continue to operate.

lithium ion UPS for data center


SCU provides a UPS system for the Indonesian data center, with CMS-30/50 specifications. Each UPS system is equipped with two 480v 80ah lithium-ion batteries to build a powerful energy storage system that can provide users with about 15 minutes of power time to store data. This customized solution not only fully considers the data center’s power needs but also improves the operating efficiency of the entire system, ensuring that the data center can maintain efficient and stable operation under any circumstances.

Efficient energy conversion, sustainable development

The lithium-ion battery UPS system has excellent energy conversion efficiency, reducing power waste and helping data centers achieve more sustainable energy use. In Indonesia’s unique energy environment, SCU’s lithium UPS provides more reliable power backup for the data center, paving the way for sustainable development for its digital transformation.

Data security is an important issue that cannot be ignored

In the Internet era, data is one of the most important assets of an enterprise. SCU’s lithium-ion battery UPS system provides the data center with sufficient buffer time by providing power support time of up to about 15 minutes, allowing it to save data in an orderly manner during sudden power outages. This undoubtedly enhances the stability and security of the data center and provides users with more reliable services.

lithium ion ups

Lithium-ion UPS VS Lead-acid battery UPS

With the continuous advancement of lithium-ion battery technology and reduced costs, small and efficient lithium-ion UPS is becoming an indispensable part of the data center. Lithium-ion batteries have higher energy density and can store more electrical energy in a relatively small volume. In comparison, lead-acid batteries have a relatively lower energy density and require more physical space. Lithium-ion batteries achieve 50-80% space saving compared to lead-acid batteries.

Secondly, in terms of longevity, lithium-ion batteries generally have a longer life, are capable of more charge and discharge cycles, and have a lower self-discharge rate. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries have high charge and discharge efficiency. They can more effectively convert stored electrical energy into output electrical energy. In contrast, lead-acid batteries have relatively low charge and discharge efficiency and may cause some energy loss during energy conversion.

In addition, lithium-ion batteries are relatively lightweight and are suitable for scenarios where weight is critical, such as mobile devices or small equipment in computer rooms. Lead-acid battery solutions are unsuitable in some scenarios where space is limited or lightweight solutions are required.

In terms of maintenance costs, lithium-ion batteries generally require less maintenance because they are fluid-free, do not require regular checking of fluid levels, and are more environmentally friendly because they do not contain harmful substances and are easier to recycle.


Lithium UPS has outstanding performance in data centers. Its significant improvements in performance, security and cost make it ideal for providing stable, uninterruptible power to data centers. This trend indicates that UPS power supplies will widely adopt more advanced lithium battery technology in the future to meet the growing needs of data centers. Adopting lithium UPS for the power supply system of data centers has become an obvious trend.

In Indonesia, a dynamic digital economic market, lithium UPS helps improve the stability and security of data centers and injects more sustainable power into Indonesia’s digital transformation. The application of lithium UPS is not only an upgrade of technology but also a positive response to the development of Indonesia’s data center industry, laying a solid foundation for its move towards a higher level of digital future. In the rapid evolution of the Internet and data centers, lithium-ion UPS will become an important part of meeting the needs of Indonesia’s digital economy, leading the industry to develop in a more advanced and sustainable direction.

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