SCU Mobile Battery Energy Storage System for HK Electric

SCU Mobile Battery Energy Storage System for Emergency Power Supply for HK Electric

On September 6, 2023, the ceremony of the mobile electricity supply system at HK Electric’s Cyberport Switching was successfully held, which marked that the SCU 250KW/576KWh vehicle-mounted mobile battery energy storage system was officially put into operation at HK Electric’s Cyberport Switching Station. The system is a technology that combines energy conversion and energy storage to enable an uninterrupted power supply in emergencies.

ceremony of the mobile electricity supply system


HK Electric’s Cyberport Switching Station (HK Electric) is mainly responsible for the power generation, transmission and distribution of Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island. With the increasing demand for electricity in Hong Kong in recent years, the original power reserve cannot meet the development needs of enterprises. Especially during power outages, mobile generators used to be used to provide emergency power supply to affected customers, which caused problems such as long start-up time and high noise pollution.

In this regard, SCU has launched a green mobile battery energy storage system. This system is powered by batteries, which not only helps it solve power supply problems more easily and conveniently but also avoids air and noise pollution during operation, minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment and helping the city become carbon neutral.


The SCU mobile energy storage power supply vehicles mainly consist of an energy storage truck (EST) and a power changeover truck (PCT), which can provide temporary relief when the normal power supply is unavailable.

energy storage truck and power changeover truck

Emergency power supply

  • When the EST is about to run out of power, the PCT will switch power to another fully charged EST. Customers will not notice this transition as this seamless switching process does not cause any voltage dips or power interruptions as it takes less than 5 milliseconds, which is less than 5/1,000 seconds.

Discharge in turn

  • Another batch of EST is expected to arrive in the fourth quarter of this year.
    Each EST can be fully charged in two hours. With these two ESTs, they can take turns discharging and recharging, providing uninterrupted, zero-emissions. Provides emergency or backup power when needed. Depending on the usage of the new system, existing diesel generators will be phased out.

The system includes a lithium battery energy storage system, energy storage converter, air conditioner, fire protection, and vehicle-mounted box. The energy storage vehicle has a configuration capacity of 576kWh and an output power of 250KW, which can meet the power supply requirement of a 250kW load for 2 hours. This solution is equipped with an intelligent switching device that can quickly switch between dual power sources within 5 millimeters to ensure power supply continuity and stability.

Solution Advantages

This solution can guarantee power supply for important conferences, exhibitions, and important company loads and will not produce noise pollution or air pollution during operation. The entire system is expected to save 1,800 tons of carbon during its 10-year service period, playing a positive role in saving energy, reducing air pollution, and protecting the ecological environment.
In addition, the project location is close to the seaside and is an area with high humidity and high salt spray. The equipment, power electronic power modules, control boards, etc., used in the system need to have high protection, high-temperature resistance, moisture and heat resistance, and high reliability to ensure reliable operation of the system in harsh environments.

This project is not only a milestone project for SCU and Hong Kong Electric Power but also a major measure for SCU to contribute to the environmental protection of Hong Kong Electric Power. SCU will continue supporting Hong Kong’s electric power work, leveraging its corporate expertise in multiple environmental protection fields, and providing solutions to improve the motherland’s environment!

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