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SCU Online UPS Provided “Zero Error” Power Guarantee for APEC

In the night sky of Beijing Olympic Park, colorful fireworks bloomed over the Bird’s Nest. In 2014, the 22nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Informal Leadership Meeting was successfully held in Beijing. Relying on efficient and reliable power products and technology, Sicon Chat Union(SCU) became the power security service partner for “2014 APEC Conference Water Cube International Feast “. We provided reliable power solutions for multiple power industrial UPS systems and contributed to the reliable power supply for this summit.

Regarding power guarantee work, the National Energy Administration emphasizes that during the APEC summit, the UPS for industry and energy departments must make three guarantees: ensure the safe and stable operation of the Beijing and North China power grids, and ensure power supply of the important users, important locations, important lines, and important times during the meeting, ensure the stability of the national power security situation.

As a power safety guarantee service partner, SCU clearly recognizes the particularity and arduousness of this power protection work, and goes all out with a high sense of political responsibility and mission. For the APEC Water Cube International Feast, a perfect integrated overall power supply plan was tailored. For different situations, SCU provided rack-mount UPS and modular UPS products. Among them, the DSP series rack-mounted UPS power supply adopts digital control technology to accurately control the entire process of power conversion. The AC output of the power supply can also work in parallel to form a 1+1 redundant system to ensure the quality of power supply. The UPS provides stable and reliable uninterrupted power supply for the stage lighting, conference, dinner hall and other places of the APEC Water Cube International Feast, achieving the high-quality guaranteed power supply goal of “zero flicker, zero error, and zero complaint”.

The successful completion of the power guarantee work at the APEC summit has become a microcosm of SCU’s active involvement in national construction for many years. In the future, SCU will continue to innovate and research, use science and technology to support China economic construction in the new stage.

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