SCU Provides 10MWH Solution for User-Side Energy Storage System Project

SCU Provides 10MWH Solution for User-Side Energy Storage System Project

A few days ago, the user-side 10MWh energy storage power station project in Guangdong, China, started smoothly. The project uses SCU’s self-developed and self-produced energy storage products. The project uses 46 sets of standardized integrated 215KWh BRES energy storage systems to provide customers with flexible, reliable, safe and efficient solutions. The project is currently at a critical stage of full advancement and is expected to complete the grid connection work by the end of July.

10MWh user-side energy storage power station project


The total installed capacity of this project is 4.6MW/9.89MWh, with 2 grid connection points and a total of 46 sets of 100kW/215kWh integrated energy storage systems to achieve full consumption of energy storage during peak periods. This energy storage system meets household power demands, smooths power loads, optimizes power energy utilization efficiency and reduces corporate power expenses by peak shaving.

The BRES energy storage system used in this project has each 100KW/215KWh as an independent unit, which has huge advantages in early construction and installation, mid-term operation and maintenance, and later expansion.

46 sets 215KWh BRES in Guangdong energy storage power station

BRES integrated energy storage system

BRES integrates long-life lithium batteries, battery management system BMS, high-performance bidirectional energy storage converter (PCM100), active safety system, thermal management system and energy management system into a single standardized outdoor cabinet. Forming an integrated plug&play intelligent and modular power supply equipment. Each cabinet is an independent unit, equipped with energy storage and AC/DC power conversion capabilities and an air conditioning temperature control system and fire protection system, which can operate safely, stably and reliably for a long time. By paralleling the AC side, the capacity can be flexibly expanded to achieve flexible expansion of energy storage power station capacity.

BRES energy storage system

SCU’s BRES series of commercial and industrial energy storage system adopts independently developed advanced technology to ensure the high quality and stability of the products. Energy storage products are highly flexible and customizable and can be customized and configured according to customer needs to meet the energy storage needs of different scenarios.


Energy storage power stations bring multiple benefits to businesses. First, it can effectively control energy costs and reduce power purchase costs by storing electric energy during low valley hours and releasing electric energy during peak hours. Secondly, energy storage power stations improve energy utilization efficiency and reduce energy waste by smoothing the grid load and adjusting the balance of power supply and demand.

In addition, energy storage power stations can quickly respond to power market demands, improve the reliability of power supply, and cope with price fluctuations in the power market and changes in grid frequency. The most important thing is that it helps reduce carbon emissions, cooperates with renewable energy power generation, improves the utilization rate of renewable energy, and makes a positive contribution to environmental protection.

This cooperation further demonstrates SCU’s strength in the energy storage field and its unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and product quality. SCU will continue to adhere to the concept of “customer-centred, technology-centred” to provide customers with higher-quality energy storage products and services, jointly promote the development of energy storage industry technology, and help build a clean, smart, and efficient energy future.

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