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SCU: PV & ESS in New Energy Charging Station


Site in station is only 190 kW utility power provided by the transformer, impossible to meet fast charging requirements. Hard to expand the capacity, complicated procedures for application, long waiting time, and electricity price increasing after the expanding for capacity. Most vehicles are charged during the day, resulting in high peak electricity consumption and electricity costs.

Project configuration:

600 kW PCS, 1.5 MWh energy storage battery and accessories

SCU Solution:

It’s container solution integrated with the PCS battery storage system, lithium-ion battery and cooling system in the container, and EV charging station installed outside the container, one charging station configured with 8 dispensers to give more charging requirements for multiple cars. To storage power during the valley period, and achieve stronger power supply capacity during peak hours, make the station easily carry a 1MW charging load. The fast charger saves the time and cost of applying for capacity expansion, as well as the electricity bill. Make full use of natural energy through photovoltaic power generation and reduce the power operation cost of the station.

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