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SCU CMS Lithium Modular UPS Installed at Shanghai Jiaotong University Super-computing Center

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Network Information Center was formerly the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Computing Center. It was founded in 1973, one of the earliest and largest computing centers in China universities. It aims to provide technical support for the large-scale scientific and engineering computing needs of the university. Since 2018, SCU has established good cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University to provide CMS series modular type UPS and UPS dedicated lithium battery systems for its super-computing center, providing high-quality uninterrupted power protection for the super-computing center.

In order to ensure reliable power supply, SCU provides 3 phase Online UPS and dedicated lithium battery system for the UPS power system. The equipment adopts an online hot-swappable mode, which facilitates expansion and maintenance on the basis of ensuring the safety and reliability of power supply. SCU UPS dedicated lithium battery select low-heat lithium iron phosphate material, which has high safety and high energy density. Internally installed battery modules, two-way active balance BMS for battery management system and electrical protection components, etc., the cabinet structure is scientific, the mechanical strength is high, the modular design and maintenance are convenient, and the reliability and safety of the battery system are guaranteed to the greatest extent.

The safety of the lithium batteries for UPS systems also comes from the scientific design of the structure. The battery cabinet adopts a frame-type design to increase air circulation and improve heat dissipation efficiency. Combined with an insulation design, the internal high voltage connection of the battery cabinet uses a high voltage quick-plug connector, which makes the structure more safe and reliable. High mechanical strength, external laser welding Busbar, low impedance, high strength, full coverage of engineering plastics, anti-touch, anti-short circuit, provide more reliable external protection.

An excellent data center focuses on the entire process of design, selection, construction, testing, acceptance, and operation and maintenance of the power supply and distribution system to ensure the reliable power supply, thereby ensuring the high availability of data center services. This is what SCU has been pursuing for. In the coming days, we will continue to be rigorous and innovative to provide more complete and reliable power guarantee services.

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