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2008 Beijing Olympic, SCU UPS Is on Site

Looking back on 2008, Beijing was full of brilliance and passion, and the successful holding of the Olympic Games demonstrated the improvement of national strength and national cohesion to the world. For this reason, countless unknown figures outside the stadium are escorting the Olympics. Tens of thousands of power grid employees are fighting on the front line of the Olympics, providing reliable and high-quality power supply. SCU UPS power storage is fortunate to witness and participate in this event and contribute its own power.

During the 17 days of the Olympics, the Beijing Power Grid experienced high temperature and heavy loads, multiple lightning, and heavy rains. The maximum load of the power grid was 11.62 million kilowatts. All Olympic venues, important auxiliary facilities, training venues, contracted hotels, designated hospitals, etc. Customers must achieve high-quality, uninterrupted power supply. This is a glorious and severe challenge. The deployment of personnel, equipment arrangements, and emergency measures must be foolproof. The power guarantee unit is extremely cautious in all arrangements and has stricter requirements for equipment quality.

After level-by-level review, SCU UPS system CMS series modular UPS power supply has won the bid for all UPS power supply projects of Water Cube, Hockey Stadium, Shooting Range and Beichen Control Center by virtue of its advantages of high reliability, energy saving, environmental protection, and economy. The communications and lighting projects provide uninterruptible power supply protection.

In the Water Cube, swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, Olympic athletes stir up struggling waves in the water; on the hockey field, running, hitting, and scoring, the participants enjoy passion in sweat; on the shooting range, attention and coordination Strength and psychological stability, every breath is related to the final success or failure… When the national anthem sounded again and again, the Olympic champions on the podium cried with joy, and tens of thousands of spectators in the stands cheered and were proud of their motherland. Behind the high-light moments of freeze-frame time and time again, there is a figure with SCU industrial UPS systems. The CMS series UPS system provides reliable and high-quality power support for the stadium, as well as backup power for the front and back of the stage. It covers everything from every lighting lamp to every communication device, creating a “zero incident, zero accident”. The record of “zero complaints” was commended by the Olympic Organizing Committee.

China has been working hard on the road from a sports power to a sports power. SCU UPS power supply with aggressive, innovative, responsible, and careful power protection work interprets the Olympic spirit of the electric power industry, uses advanced technology and a sense of social responsibility to realize the solemn promise, and delivers a satisfactory answer to the country and the people.

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