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SCU UPS, Leading the future with CanSemi Chip

Guangzhou CanSemi Technology Inc, as the only 12-inch chip production platform that has entered mass production in Guangdong Province and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, has played an important role in the development of Chinese chips. Recently, the UPS power supply project of CanSemi new factory area was publicly tendered, and Sicon Electric, an experienced UPS supplier, won the bid with its professional and dedicated technology and service.

Faced with the stringent requirements of CanSemi Electronics’ special application scenarios, SCU Electric’s scientific research personnel follow the concept of “energy saving, green and environmental protection” and provide industrial-grade modular UPS solutions. Incorporating the advantages of digital technology and new semiconductor technology to launch a new modular UPS, with high input power factor, low harmonic distortion, high efficiency, high stability and reliability, with powerful monitoring software and comprehensive communications The interface is suitable for sophisticated equipment and institutions to ensure critical load scenarios.

After CanSemi Electronics’ testing and operation inspection, the UPS system solution we provide meets the standards of long overload time, almost zero zero-ground line voltage, and super-strong impact resistance, and meets the high standards of production equipment for power supply systems. At the same time, the whole UPS system has high efficiency, low heat generation and low operating loss, which greatly improves the utilization rate of electric energy and realizes the sustainable development concept of green energy saving. We also provide hybrid energy storage solutions to help achieve the goal of sustainable development.

The future has come, and is almost here. Chips, as the core competitiveness of technological products, have gradually risen from being “subject to others” to the present, and are inseparable from the continuous hard work of many high-tech companies. Tomorrow, there will be an extra mobile phone, and the day after tomorrow, there will be an extra computer. The chip used in it is made in China. At this time, we will be honored to that our Sicon UPS system are taken part in the project.

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