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SCU industrial UPS with SMIC project

SMIC is one of the world’s leading integrated circuit chip foundry companies, the world’s fourth-ranked chip foundry company, and the largest integrated circuit chip manufacturer in mainland China with the highest technological level. The company focuses on strengthening its production and operation capabilities, as various electronic devices continue to increase, the demand for the power grid is increasing, and the requirements for UPS power supply manufacturers are becoming stricter.

Any power failure in the production process will cause the shutdown of key equipment, affect the normal operation of the entire production line, and cause great economic losses. It is especially important to choose UPS system to ensure uninterrupted power supply and high-quality power supply quality. SCU UPS for industrial use has super load capacity, higher protection level and multiple operation modes, and is more sturdy and durable. It is favored and recognized by SMIC. Since 2012, the two parties have established a long-term cooperative relationship.

The power grid of industrial production lines generally has a harsh environment, and there may also be some large power equipment near the factory. Power grid surges, overvoltage, instantaneous current impacts, and power failures will cause the entire power grid to become unstable. Sicon has provided industrial UPS series products for SMIC’s production lines many times, which completely solved the above-mentioned pain points. The input power factor of this series of UPS system is above 0.99, which is almost a linear load for the power grid, does not destroy the sinusoidal waveform of the mains grid voltage, and the harmonic content is less than 3%. There is no need to use any filtering equipment. The grid is modularized. The high-order harmonic interference caused by modular type UPS hardly needs to be considered, which can completely eliminate the impact of various problems on key loads.

No industry, no power. The transition from an industrial power to an industrial power is a long-term strategic plan of the country focusing on the domestic and international situation. Sicon is to continuously innovate, make breakthroughs, and improve, to provide a more flexible, higher protection level, and more powerful UPS power system to provide the strongest backup force for the goal of an industrial power.

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