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South Korea Incheon Airport UPS project: SCU 22 sets UPS officially running

Recently, SCU’s ERMS series 12KVA UPS was successfully installed and debugged in Incheon Airport, South Korea. The project is used in the passenger service center of Incheon Airport in South Korea to provide uninterrupted power supply protection for the baggage and parcel conveyor belt of the airport. A total of 22 sets of ERMS UPS systems are invested in the project.

embedded UPS

SCU ERMS series modular type UPS has three types of systems, with capacities of 12KVA, 24KVA, and 36kva. It can be used alone or embedded in 19 “standard cabinet. ERMS UPS systems 12KVA and 24KVA are single phase in and single phase out, 36 KVA can be three phases in and three phases out. Small size, light weight, and convenient installation.

12kva UPS
12kva UPS
24kva ups
24kva UPS
36kva rack mount UPS
36kva UPS

ERMS UPS supports not only lead-acid battery access but also lithium battery access. SCU also has lithium batteries. Rack-mount LifePo4 battery, high power lithium batteries, and high energy lithium batteries.

100ah lithium battery pack
LifePO4 lithium battery pack
lithium battery supplier in China
High power lithium batteries
lithium battery system supplier
High energy lithium batteries

SCU also has other large power UPS, with single system capacity from 30KVA to 1200kva, which parallel up to 4800kva.

UPS manufacturer in China
50-500kva UPS
900kva UPS
75-1200kva UPS

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