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SCU UPS, the strong power supply of Beidou 3 ground receiving system

On June 23, 2020, Xichang Satellite Launch Center announced that Beidou-3’s last global networking satellite has successfully entered orbit, marking that Beidou satellite navigation system has completed global coverage and can serve the world. Provide positioning, navigation, and timing services.

After more than 30 years of scientific and technological research, the Beidou navigation system composed of 55 satellites, as a major national information infrastructure, plays an important role in key areas of national economy, people’s livelihood, and national defense construction, and has achieved significant economic and social benefits. When people look up to the dazzling and advanced technology of the Beidou system, Sicon lean over the infrastructure to provide the UPS power system for the Beidou 3 ground receiving system, which becomes a strong driving force for the operation of the system.

CMS series modular uninterruptible power supply is a high-end modular UPS product introduced to the market according to the new concept of “energy saving, green and environmental protection”. It not only includes the rectification, filtering, charging, and inverter of traditional UPS. The industrial uninterruptible power supply system also has intelligent power protection function. The UPS system adopts average current control rectification technology, sequential master-slave synchronous control technology, multi-level distributed control technology and three-order sine wave inverters. These new concept technologies are greatly improved on the basis of equipment availability and reliability, equipment investment, operation and maintenance costs are reduced.

This UPS power supply series is a new modular UPS launched by SCU with the advantages of digital technology and new semiconductor technology, which can completely eliminate the impact of various grid problems on key loads. For the Beidou 3 ground receiving system, 40 sets of CMS modular UPS power supply systems are tailored. They feature high power density, reliability, efficiency, intelligence and flexibility, and provide ideal power supply protection for the smooth operation of the system.

With full of enthusiasm to China glory, SCU, a leading uninterruptible power supply factory spares no effort to provide power support for the construction of Beidou’s global system, and help my country’s satellite navigation “three-step” strategic goal. The world’s “Beidou time” has officially arrived, and Chinese manufacturing has once again moved to the world. The star illuminates the sky.

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