CICIF 2022 | SCU won the Award for Low Carbon and Green Development

The “wind vane” for the development of the information and communication industry

From September 14 to 16, CHINA INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT FORUM 2022 (CICIF 2022) sponsored by the China Communications Enterprises Association was successfully held in Beijing. Leaders from China Communications Enterprises Association, Jianhua Miao, Chairman of China Electronics Society, Feng Zhang, Chairman of China Tower, Zhiyong Zhang and other departments attended the meeting. CICIF 2022 is dedicated to studying new issues and trends in the development of the information and communication industry. It has held 18 sessions so far and is known as “a weathervane for the development of the information and communication industry.” With the theme of “Digital Intelligence Empowers and Creates a Future Together,” this forum invited representatives from operators, scientific research institutions, enterprises and other representatives to attend the meeting, and conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as digital economy reform, the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy, and the high-quality and healthy development of the information and communication industry.

SCU won “Typical Demonstration Application Case”

On the forum site, awarded honorary certificates for high-quality products and solutions in the industry. SCU’s “outdoor integrated energy storage system” has advanced refrigeration, heat dissipation technology and intelligent monitoring system to realize unattended and low-carbon operation. It has been awarded the “2022 China Information and Communication Industry Development High Level Forum” as a typical example application case of low-carbon energy conservation and green development in information and communication infrastructure construction. The system is internally integrated with energy storage system, refrigeration/cooling system, power distribution system, power and environment monitoring system. Integrated design can reduce investment and construction costs, improve system reliability, and expand applicability.

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