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"carbon neutrality"
What is SCU doing?

Every product
low carbon
Every job, insist on
energy conservation
and emission reduction.

SCU go to all lengths

Control from the source

When selecting product materials, pay attention to comprehensive utilization and adopt energy-saving and consumption-reducing components.

Use natural energy

When developing products, give priority to natural energy and maximize the utilization of new energy.

100% rational waste disposal rate

Solid waste is classified. Exhaust gas, sewage, noise, etc. have been strictly treated to meet the emission standards.

Utilization of renewable resources

Strengthen the management of office supplies and auxiliary materials, fully recycle, eliminate and reduce waste.

Low carbon and Eco-friendly travel

SCU has set up EV charging infrastructure in the park to promote product transportation and daily low-carbon travel of employees.

Photovoltaic power generation

The top floor of SCU building is equipped with photovoltaic power generation, which provides sufficient green power for daily office and production.

Carbon footprint reduction

"Zero carbon" is not about not emitting CO2, but through solutions to offset the "carbon footprint", reduce carbon emissions, and achieve zero carbon emissions.

Every year on the Arbor Day, we organize voluntary tree planting. According to the usage of the products sold that year, we will plant a tree for every 21kg of carbon emission reduction. We have planted trees so far, and we will continue to plant them in the future.

scu carbon neutrality

2021 is the first year of carbon neutrality, and we have been fighting for it for 18 years. In the future low-carbon era, we are even more duty-bound to put low-carbon concepts into actions and strive for a common future for mankind.

Meisu Li

Director of environment

Since establishment, SCU has reduced carbon emissions by


Global installation of EV charger to reduce carbon emissions by ton.

A total of trees were planted to reduce carbon emissions by ton.


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