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EV charger application for automobile 4S shop

With the popularization of electric vehicles, more and more people start to consider electric vehicles when buying a car, and do their part for environmental protection. Especially in recent years, governments of various countries have adopted a series of measures such as subsidies and tax incentives to promote the development of electric vehicles, and the demand for electric vehicles has increased significantly.

As a four-in-one car sales enterprise integrating vehicle sales, spare parts, after-sales service, and information feedback, 4S shops represent the car brand culture and reflect brand value. Therefore, while supplying cars to customers, the 4S shop will also provide consumers with a variety of value-added services, and integrate the culture of the car brand into the lives of customers, so that the 4S store is not just a showroom. The business model extends beyond the showroom, interacting with customers on more levels, improving customer satisfaction, and then winning more customers and orders through word of mouth, and improving the competitiveness of automobile brands. For example, some 4S shops will establish car clubs to organize leisure activities for car fans. With the development of electric vehicles, more and more 4S stores have begun to build their own brand charging stations in parking lots, shopping malls, and other places to increase brand awareness and maintain the stickiness of customers and 4S stores.

Although the electric vehicle market is developing rapidly, the charging infrastructure is relatively insufficient. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, it takes a long time to wait in line for charging, and the charging speed is not as fast as traditional fuel vehicles.

As a DC fast charging station supplier integrating R&D and production, SCU provides 30kW, 60kW, 90kW, 120kW, 150kW, 180kW, 240kW, and 360kW DC fast charging stations based on 30kW modules, suitable for different applications scenarios, and compatible with most of the car brands on the market. Especially for 4S shops, the high-power output can shorten the waiting and charging time of customers and improve customer satisfaction.

The pictures below show the EV charging station built by SCU for a 4S store in Hong Kong. One charging station is equipped with two CCS guns, which can charge two electric vehicles at the same time. At the same time, it is equipped with a local management and payment platform in Hong Kong, making charging and payment operations more convenient.

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